Monday Mishaps

Despite my Monday mishaps, yesterday was a pretty good day. I wrote some new poems; sent off a couple submissions; and Alberto Rios, AZ’s poet laureate, accepted my friend request on Facebook.

As you know, my poem is this week’s winner at high calibre poetry. Well I sent them a poem on happiness. I put Happiness – Nonet where you are suppose to enter your name. Oops, sorry guys. I should know better I’ve been entering most of the weekly challenges from the start of the year.

Then I went and got a glass of water. I thought there was a speck on the glass and was picking at it with my fingernail. Since it didn’t seem to want to come off, I looked more closely. There was a crack going down the side. I wasn’t going to let an opportunity slip by. I snapped a photo and wrote a poem.


Instead of half full
The glass appears to be cracked
Empty optimist

Don’t worry after the poem was written the glass found its way to the trash.


No Internet Haynaku

Data leak
Unwanted Internet escape


Data leak
Minecraft Lego style

#truestory just before 5PM yesterday there is a knock on my door.

Sorry, Ma’am, I had to shut off your cable. I can schedule a repairman first thing tomorrow morning.

For about 45 minutes before this my little one is complaining Netflix and youtube are not working. I was a good Mommy that day, giving her the minecraft village Lego set that came in the mail. Mostly because Dad spilled the beans of its purchase. But her complaint, I can’t construct Legos in total quiet!

Hey, what do you know you have an MP3 player. It isn’t the same, Mom!

Well just before 10AM this morning the leak was repaired. Not that my little one was happy. First thing in the morning was interpreted as – Before she left for school.

Weekend Transformation

Carmel by the sea
Rustic cottage appeal
Bathroom remodel


Over the weekend my husband remodeled the girls bathroom. We had one of those flat, sheet mirrors over the sink. We learned something new; took the brackets off the top and expected it to pull easily off the wall. Nope, wasn’t budging. Youtube has videos on everything. And we learned we were going to need suction cups to remove mirror. Once we had the right equipment, my hubby pulled the mirror off without a hitch. 


Because the how-to video recommended safety googles and long sleeves (off chance the mirror cracks while pulling it down) my hubby also put on his work boots. This morning about five minutes after he left for work, I hear someone come in the front door. He had to retrieve his work boots from the garage. Always smart to have your steel toe boots when using lathes and mills at work. 

Video Game Poems

Mario Kart
Two brothers race toward finish line
Mario Kart
Who will gain first place from the start
Rubber banding helps to align
Creating fair play by design
Mario Kart

Six minute
Youtube video
Follow player

Mario Karts
Item boxes
Banana peel hazard



I’m a mean awful Mom. My oldest daughter wanted me to write a poem for a friend’s youtube video. To set up this post, I deleted my daughter’s bloons city game. Well her friend thinks if I share the youtube link for the video, she’ll get more views. I don’t think my daughter knew what sacrifice she would have to make for her Mom’s poetry.

Reading – Pass it on…

Every morning I check the Little One’s backpack to make sure she has everything for school. As she heads out the door, she always says, “I feel like I’m forgetting something,” and I reassure her she hasn’t. This morning I noticed two books, one she just finished reading. 

I shook my head and admonished her older sister. See what happens when you become a book dealer? Your younger sister turns into one too. Sure enough when I ask the Little One why she has two books, she told me her friend wants to read the one she just finished. 

Then I heard yesterday another friend took the book she is currently reading and started to read it, asking her where she got it. Mom, who happens to be a book dealer herself, knows where to get the good stuff. The Little One is currently on her second Doctor Who media tie-in novel. I know how to give my little fan her Doctor Who fix. I can’t believe she has friends who think media tie-in books are cool. 

I didn’t start reading Star Trek books until high school, and then I didn’t bring them to school. I had a book dealer mom, as well, but she didn’t support my Star Trek habit. I had to buy those books myself. See, I am a cool mom, handing out the fun brain candy. 😉


Raising book dealers
Sisters give friends reading fix
Mom is down with it