Haiku by Veronica Hosking (MY FRONT DOOR Series)

My front door haiku with the first photo of Gretchen and me for the new year. We’re still staying behind the closed front door.

Silver Birch Press

by Veronica Hosking

Introvert stays home
Daily routine goes unchanged
Front door remains closed

Photo: The author (left) and her daughter Gretchen taking their first photo of 2020 in front of the family’s front door.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Not only am I an introvert, I do not have a driver’s license because of Cerebral Palsy. My whole life I have enjoyed being a homebody; this new social distancing is the same old routine in my world.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother, and poet. Her family and day job, cleaning the house, serve as inspiration for most of her poetry. She was the poetry editor for MaMaZina magazine from 2006-2011. Her poems have been featured online and in print anthologies, including Stone Crowns Magazine, Poetry Nook, Silver Birch Press, Poetry Pea, Arizona Matsuri, and Blue Guitar Magazine. Veronica keeps a poetry blog at vhosking.wordpress.com

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Ugh…Life without Internet

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! We have been without internet since Tuesday evening. ☹️ It’s a good thing both children had their last finals on Tuesday. I got happy news from our internet provider this morning that the outage was repaired. Yay! Unfortunately now our router does not want to communicate with the modem. So we’re still without working internet.

But on a happy note, Robin and a friend both graduated from ASU with highest distinction – Summa cum laude and we had a private ceremony for them Friday night.


Robin and Karolena ASU class of 2020

Getty Museum Challenge


Okay folks I’ve come to the conclusion her head is in a very unnatural position.  Also it’s very hard to get in place when the camera is set on a 10 second timer. But when I saw all the getty museum challenge responses and I realized we had a work of art we could recreate hanging in the bedroom, I thought it was worth a try.