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This summer I haven’t written very much. The other day I wrote a haiku for the #haikuchallenge

Whole in attendance
Phone calls are inaccurate
Cannot seem to fix

As part of journalism class, Gretchen has had to open a twitter account @GsKing_owlfeed. She noticed my haiku the other day. Mom, you said I had a whole in attendance. Yes, kiddo, whole as intact. Somehow I got two phone calls last week stating she missed her first class on two separate days. Both teachers know she was in class, but somehow the attendance system has her marked unexcused absence. We’re working on fixing it, never thought it would be this difficult. The attendance officers seem to be unreachable. Speaking of never – today’s #haikuchallenge word.

Daughter reads haiku
does not like whole attendance
never been absent

On the plus side, no phone call last night. Yay! My daughter was in school. She let me read her first article for the newspaper. Mom was impressed. She is the editor for her section. Articles are due tomorrow, but she needs to edit them first. No one else has given her their piece. I told her, Next time make the due date earlier then it needs to be into the teacher. It’s all a learning curve.


Honda Fit or Clown Car

So over on Facebook, they show your On this day memories. Well last year, I wrote about Rachael’s first solo drive. This morning six friends stuffed into the car for the drive to ASU.

Carpool to school grows
Students pack in like sardines
Monday morning blues

The #haikuchallenge word today was blue. Not sure if they’d be blue due to the first day of the week or from the lack of breathing room.

Grandpa’s Guitar


Grandpa Heintz and Rachael EMCC graduation

A long time ago, when we moved to Arizona my dad’s Martin guitar was included in the items we drove across the country. When I was in junior high, I took private lessons on the guitar and kinda inherited it. My husband has a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender. Every once in a while, we pull out the guitars to strum. Both girls always enjoyed tinkering on them.

Something I did not realize until we did high school registration for Gretchen at the end of July. She signed up to take guitar lessons this year. When Grandpa was here in May for Rachael’s graduations, he asked if we still had his guitar. Yes, though we don’t pull it out often. Well last week it was pulled out, because Gretchen needs to practice. They will be having a recital in December.


Rachael dusting off guitar

No I don’t have a picture of Gretchen with the guitar. She is very good at avoiding the camera lens. After her first day of school on August 9th, I did sneak a picture of her as she fell asleep on the couch, being sophomoric is hard. 😉 Shhh… she hasn’t noticed I posted the photo to Facebook nor my little tease. But I have every right after she decided to bite her thumb at me her freshman year (side effect of reading Romeo and Juliet). For those who would actually like to see a picture of a smiling Gretchen – First Day of School.

Guitar lessons on
Grandpa’s classic Martin gives
Unique peek to past