No Internet Haynaku

Data leak
Unwanted Internet escape


Data leak
Minecraft Lego style

#truestory just before 5PM yesterday there is a knock on my door.

Sorry, Ma’am, I had to shut off your cable. I can schedule a repairman first thing tomorrow morning.

For about 45 minutes before this my little one is complaining Netflix and youtube are not working. I was a good Mommy that day, giving her the minecraft village Lego set that came in the mail. Mostly because Dad spilled the beans of its purchase. But her complaint, I can’t construct Legos in total quiet!

Hey, what do you know you have an MP3 player. It isn’t the same, Mom!

Well just before 10AM this morning the leak was repaired. Not that my little one was happy. First thing in the morning was interpreted as – Before she left for school.