I Surrender

Middle of Times Square
Surrender to nature’s call
Feel inauspicious

Since it is only day two of NovPAD, I hope no one is feeling inauspicious yet nor surrendering. I was on Facebook this morning and saw I posted this video a few years ago and well it’s fun. I’m not sure if I’ve shared it on this blog yet. If anyone would like to surrender to nature’s call in the middle of Times Square just visit my husband at work, Blockwise Engineering.

Weekend Transformation

Carmel by the sea
Rustic cottage appeal
Bathroom remodel


Over the weekend my husband remodeled the girls bathroom. We had one of those flat, sheet mirrors over the sink. We learned something new; took the brackets off the top and expected it to pull easily off the wall. Nope, wasn’t budging. Youtube has videos on everything. And we learned we were going to need suction cups to remove mirror. Once we had the right equipment, my hubby pulled the mirror off without a hitch. 


Because the how-to video recommended safety googles and long sleeves (off chance the mirror cracks while pulling it down) my hubby also put on his work boots. This morning about five minutes after he left for work, I hear someone come in the front door. He had to retrieve his work boots from the garage. Always smart to have your steel toe boots when using lathes and mills at work.