Happy New Year

New Year Photo

It’s only taken me one week into the new year to write a new blog post. I’d like to say I’ve been busy with life, but it’s mostly been the same old routine around here.

Gretchen (in the photo above with me) did well her first semester at ASU earning a 3.38. As my readers know, Rachael has applied to veterinary schools. She’s been accepted to 3 and asked to interview to 2 others (most likely will accept the slot at Oregon).

As for me, I had another birthday pass by in November. We went to see Terminator and then dinner at Arriba’s. Then the first First Friday of 2020 we went to the Japanese Garden in Phoenix for the boba battle. I’m not a fan of boba but they also had saki available. And of course it reminded me with the new year a new azmatsuri haiku contest has begun.

My poor blog is still in Facebook jail. When I email them about the issue, I’ve only heard crickets in response. But I hope I’ll find other motivation to keep up posts on my blog this year. Hope everyone  is enjoying the start to the year and continue  success in all you do.