Proud Mom Boast

Robin informed me back in the fall he ordered t-shirts for his dad and me because he needed size info. I think he was expecting them to come before winter break so we could get them as Christmas gifts. Well that didn’t happen. When the shirts did get delivered, I told him he better make his way to a post office because mom isn’t about to wait until June to wear her shirt.

The t-shirts arrived in yesterday’s mail and I had to take a selfie to share and of course the first thing Robin said was, You’re wearing the wrong shirt. Back in 2016 when Robin started at ASU, he bought his dad and me coffee mugs and one morning as I was loading the dishwasher, I couldn’t find my mom mug which was strange because I was drinking out of it that morning. I texted Shawn to see if he brought a mug to work. Sure enough he did. Then I texted him to see what the mug said. Apparently he showed the mug to a coworker proud of the gift he was given and his coworker laughed, I see your kid has a sense of humor. I guess Shawn shrugged it off and didn’t realize he was showing off the ASU Mom mug until I texted him to look at the mug. So obviously I’m wearing the wrong OSU shirt. Although Dad was a little disappointed when he saw his shirt yesterday because the lettering for the men’s shirt is different than the women’s shirt (it’s smaller for some reason). Shawn looked at his and back at mine and frowned. Yes, the lettering is different. No, I don’t know why.

Study and work hard
Expect mom to advertise
Not a real doctor

And yes I had to have fun with another inside joke. I mean we all know only MDs are real doctors. 😉


Hello and welcome to February, the shortest month of the year so it makes sense to have it also be the month to write short poetry forms. I wrote and submitted my three haiku to the azmatsuri haiku contest. I did not make it into last year’s ebook; we’ll see if I fare better this year. Over the weekend Shawn and I took another overnight camping trip at the White Tank Mountains Regional Park.

Camping Selfie 2021

Take sunset selfie
Going for pandemic look
Did I pull it off?

Sunset February 6, 2021

Camp out overnight
Breathtaking desert vista
Looks picture perfect

Resting on Mesquite Trail White Tank Regional Park

View stretches for miles
Yet, it is never enough
to see the future

Morning exercise
How long have we been hiking
Time to sit and rest

According to my husband I was sitting on a corner in Waddell, Arizona. I told him, I’m quite sure I’m in the wrong song (and town) 😉

This weekend is the opening of the Exotic show at the Alwun House and of course Valentine’s day. Last year, Shawn took the day off for the show opening and we spent the afternoon in downtown Phoenix. Close to our last outing together before the shutdown.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Downtown Phoenix

How long has it been
Since we could go out maskless
Feels like a lifetime

End of Year Review

Another year ends
Strange as 2020 was
There were happy times

Good morning and welcome to the last day of 2020 and my year end review. Despite not posting very often this year, my blog visits were up from last year. I did complete #NaPoWriMo in April, thanks in part to not having to score standardized tests. This may have been a factor to the increased traffic. At the end of February, we celebrated Shawn’s 48th birthday. We had no idea at the time it would be the last time we would enjoy an evening out.

Shawn and I at his birthday dinner

Then in April we celebrated the first birthday in quarantine, Gretchen’s 19th birthday on April 4th. Shawn picked up dinner from the very same restaurant we went to for his birthday and we decorated the backyard and had an enjoyable evening. I used the success of our first quarantine birthday as inspiration to submit a haiku to the OCMA sound collage. Also in April, Patricia posted one of my haiku on her Pea TV moment. It took some finessing as I’m not great at capturing hummingbirds on video; but as we were eating dinner one night, we saw a hummingbird enjoying the aloe out the window. And I confess, Gretchen was the one who captured the recording.

In May we were also busy, Gretchen finished her freshmen year at ASU on the Dean’s List while Robin graduated from ASU Summa Cum Laude.

Gretchen’s 1st year of college
Robin in cap & gown

Of course we had another quarantine birthday to celebrate on May 20, Robin turned 22. Near the beginning of the month, our internet went down for A WEEK. The only plus it happened after the last final was taken since everything went virtual in March, it would have been a hassle to figure out how to get finals completed without internet. For June and July we were alone together. Shawn has a great job and has continued working; Robin finished employment at ASU in May since he graduated. He was still going to work at 4 paws but it was not every day. Then on August 1st we packed up the van Shawn dragged me over to the dealership at the end of May to buy and we took a road trip up to Oregon. Robin started his first year at the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine in September.

Gretchen and Robin in Corvallis

In October Shawn and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary in quarantine. There was one good thing to come from having all these celebrations at home. Shawn learned how to cook a proper steak. We had filet mignon medium rare. Then the following weekend Shawn talked me into an overnight camping trip at White Tanks. In November I celebrated my birthday in quarantine. Once again Shawn cooked an excellent steak and we had lobster tails to make it surf and turf. Then in December Robin and Gretchen wrapped up their second semester of virtual learning. Robin earned a 3.7 his first semester of veterinary school and Gretchen has a 3.6! Both are doing very well in this mixed up year of schooling. And as you can see, I’ve stopped adding links to my review since most everything can now be found on my blog’s home page as I really sloughed off updating the blog after May.

2020 Drawing to a Close

Christmas has come and gone, and now everyone is aguishly awaiting the new year. Robin made it home for Christmas back on December 11. The new term for veterinary school starts on January 4 so Robin will be heading back up to Oregon on the 2nd with a new edition (kitten by the name of Burke). Shawn came home a couple weeks ago limping. Apparently he landed funny on his right leg while boxing and the next thing he knew he was on the floor. Then the day before Christmas Eve he comes home, sits on the bed, removes his sock and asks, Does this look swollen? Not only did it look swollen but he had pitting edema (note with a veterinarian student we know the technical term for pressing finger into skin and it does not bounce back right away). And because of Shawn’s high platelet count from his lack of a spleen we thought it wise he go to the ER to rule out a DVT. Thankfully it is just a badly strained muscle no DVT was found, but it made for an interesting Christmas Eve. Shawn actually had me call the hematologist’s office first; I told him they’d be closed on Christmas Eve, but he was trying like hell to avoid the ER. Can’t say as if I blame him.

Nonnie brought Christmas Eve dinner over. We were going to have it at her house but with Shawn’s 4 hour stint in the ER, she packed up dinner and transported it over here. We had pulled pork, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. On Christmas Robin spent the morning at Liberty Wildlife so we got to sleep in. Then we opened presents and Shawn cooked a London Broil with a recipe he found on WebMD (yes, apparently they have cooking recipes). As Shawn said, It’s the first time he went on WebMD and did not get, you’re probably going to die. But then again it was a recipe to cook beef, and lucky me got put on a statin this year so I should be avoiding the red meat. We also had stuffing, baked potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce, shrimp and scallops to round off the meal. Both dinners were yummy. And then yesterday we did fondue for dinner also very yummy and yes, I need to get back on a low cholesterol diet.

Pull muscle in leg
Why bother to exercise
My husband the gimp

Pull muscle in calf
Christmas Eve trip to ER
Lay off the boxing

Twelve days of Christmas
Different flavors to try
Box of Irish creams

Discarded wrappings
Santa cat sits in a box
Christmas aftermath

Surprise pickle gift
Donner Dinner Party game
German tradition

Time with family
Holiday lights at Wigwam
All the Christmas feels

Blue and yellow paint
Living room transformation
Fresh new beginning

Pay close attention
Compare Christmas past to now
How quickly things change

2020 Drags On

Sunset to sunrise
Various photos taken
Reflect passing time

Pandemic highlights
Graduation and then white
Coat ceremony

Cook dinner at home
Celebrate 24 years
Steak medium rare

Then to now challenge
Twenty nine years together
Highlight of my life

Carve cat on pumpkin
Veterinary student
Highlights skeleton

Couple canoodles
on overnight camping trip
down the road a bend

Quite a lot has transpired since my last post about our haircut outing. The summer in Phoenix dragged on; what else would one expect in 2020. We broke a record of 100+ degree days – 146! It finally dropped below 100 (barely) last weekend and Shawn talked me into an overnight camping trip to test out the van. Unfortunately because of the hot, dry summer, we could not have a campfire. The van does have a DVD player; so we whiled away the evening watching a movie instead.

I spent most of the hot summer hunkered down in the AC except in August when we took a family road trip to drop Robin off in Corvallis to attend the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine. Then in September we were able to watch the white coat ceremony over zoom. This month Shawn and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. Shawn bought some filet mignon and learned how to cook it to medium rare; he always preferred steak char-char and that was never my preference. And up in Oregon, Robin has already gone to a pumpkin patch and carved his jack-o-lantern.


During #NaPoWriMo I made myself a guinea pig and let Robin cut my hair. It wasn’t a complete disaster as I was able to get a poem out of it; however, my children did not want to partake in the home cut experience. This morning we ventured out to Great Clips. I have used the check in app for quite a few years. And I have always been amazed at how many clients walk in without using the online check in. When we walked in today, one customer was paying for their cut and we were the next three people. While we were there, three more people walked in who had not checked in, and because of the social distancing guidelines there were only two hairdressers working. Since we were three people, the wait time for each ensuing client kept growing, and they all checked in and sat down to wait!

Take advantage of
online check in so there is
no wait for haircuts

Desert Heats Up (Language)


WTForecast for Wednesday July 8

Too hot to think straight
Does this verse have any chance
Inspiration wilts

Yesterday my evil twin posted the WTForecast for Buffalo, NY, complaining of the heat. Before I checked it for Arizona I wrote the verse for the #haikuchallenge word chance and then had a good laugh – I think I did describe the hot weather in words. I also told Kati she cannot complain about heat to me; and she returned with, but it’s hot and humid here. Yes, I enjoy my dry heat it is nice to step outside and not have your clothes stick to your body. It’s also nice to not have my knee ache nonstop.

Arizona is going to really heat up this weekend we are on a heat advisory through the weekend which is nothing new for the summertime. Most summers we are able to escape the heat for a little while. Last July we were able to go up to the Grand Canyon.


Photo by Gretchen Hosking July 2019

Drive along Canyon
Chance encounter with wildlife
Brings cars to a halt

This year we have to wait until August before we can escape the desert heat. Hopefully we’ll have a smooth trip up to Oregon to drop Robin off at school.

The Grand Scheme


The Colour of Poetry

Good afternoon everyone. I spent my morning playing with the #haikuchallenge on Twitter. I learned yesterday that July is disability pride month as it coincides with when the ADA became law (July 1990). And since most of us have been forced to slow things down thanks to the coronavirus, I thought I’d share my view of things; as I have learned it is best to work slow and steady. It takes me longer to do everyday tasks, but they get done just the same.

One step at a time
Do not fret how long it takes
Picture the grand scheme

My husband was working on a photo this morning and I told him it looks like a corona. Well as it turns out, when you google corona theses days you are inundated with news on the virus, but I finally found the definition for corona and used it for another haiku about Shawn’s photo.


Corona Areola 2020 Shawn Hosking

Play with color scheme
Irregular pearly glow
Set nipples ablaze

Yes, Shawn has a strange idea about art. And since my blog is still in Facebook jail, I can share this here as no one will see it on Facebook to lodge another complaint about my blog. Also this post is brought to you by the sound of children building their minecraft world. I did have some peace and quiet yesterday since Gretchen accompanied Robin to Liberty Wildlife to play with bunnies. Less than a month we should be off to deliver Robin to Oregon. Apparently the coronavirus has made them move the white coat ceremony to Zoom. 😦 At least we don’t have to figure out how to get back up there in September.

Scheme for alone time
Everyone stuck at home
My solitude lost

Comfort Masks by Veronica Hosking (WEARING A MASK Series)

I’m a little late with the reblog. We’ve been busy over here, spending time together before moving Robin up to Oregon.

Silver Birch Press

bara-buri-D6mRHVHQg8o-unsplash (1)

Comfort Masks
by Veronica Hosking

Give comfort
Wear in public
Stop virus from spreading

Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash.

hosking copyABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother, and poet. Her family and day job, cleaning the house, serve as inspiration for most of her poetry. She was the poetry editor for MaMaZina magazine from 2006-2011. Her poems have been featured online and in print anthologies, including Stone Crowns Magazine, Poetry Nook, Silver Birch Press, Poetry Pea, Arizona Matsuri, and Blue Guitar Magazine. Veronica keeps a poetry blog at

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