Hello 43 – Goodbye Everything

Veronica Hosking you just lost the meaning to everything, now what? Attend a concert sponsored by old people. Back in February, Shawn turned the ripe old age of 44 – I know, ancient right?😉

Well AARP must think so because he got an invitation to join. Since I was still 42 at the time and knew everything, this was funny. Then a few weeks before my birthday, I was listening to an actual radio station. Yes, I’m old and still listen to dial radio stations. I heard the Barenaked Ladies were going to be in Phoenix November 19th! Ooo…only two days after my birthday and on a Saturday, making it easy to schedule in. I asked Shawn if he got my birthday present yet. He said, no, and I told him to buy tickets to the show. Of course, he claimed he was too busy. I had to buy my own birthday present!

I went to the Mesa Amphitheater website and was pleasantly surprised tickets were only $20. Then I saw – presented by AARP. Well it was only fitting since I was buying tickets for my 43rd birthday. After all I will have lost the meaning to the universe.

Both Shawn and I enjoyed the concert. It was great weather for an outdoor venue and you definitely couldn’t beat the price.

Phoenix Zoo


Photo Credit – Zoo Photographer

On Saturday we spent the afternoon at the Phoenix Zoo to see the Nature Connects Lego Sculptures. It’s been awhile (over 4 years) since our last visit to the zoo. On the way in they had green screens set up for photos. This was new and of course I wanted to see what they photoshopped us into. Pretty neat picture and keepsake for the day.

Tired of 9 to 5
quits to build Lego sculptures
dare to be yourself


Lego Peacock at zoo entrance

Nature Connects will be up until January. Definitely well worth the visit.

Riding the Rails

Here we are once more October 12th has swung around again. Today Shawn and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary! Wow where did all those years disappear to. Well five years ago, we took a week and traveled New Mexico, Santa Fe, Taos, and Ghost Ranch. Of course we wanted to do something special for twenty years. But now we have a child in college and not as much mad money.

Gretchen is on fall break this entire week. And Rachael had a short fall break with ASU. They had off on Monday and Tuesday. This gave Shawn and me an opportunity to get away over the weekend. Back in August, I was looking at day trips and found Ales on Rails by the Verde Canyon Railway. Oktoberfest lunch, beer sampling, and then a ride on the train. Perfect since Shawn and I took a train trip for our honeymoon.


Shawn and I drove up to Clarkdale Sunday morning, checked in to get our train tickets, enjoyed an Oktoberfest meal and beer sampling, and then boarded the train. It’s a four hour tour of the Verde Valley while onboard, we had more food and drinks and then birthday cake. A lovely young lady was celebrating her 7th birthday and shared cake with the car. When we disembarked Shawn and I checked into a hotel in Cottonwood. In the lobby Shawn picked up one of those free magazines and noticed the cover artist was the featured artist in September for 9 the gallery. Two hours outside of Phoenix and we still read things about the city.

Gifts for 20th anniversary – traditional is china, modern is platinum. Notice the picture of our rings. Shawn insisted on a platinum wedding band twenty years ago; I figure I’m covered on that one. And traditional gifts in this relationship has turned into limericks. Be forewarned I’ve been married to this man for 20 years and it doesn’t take a genius to realize what rhymes with china.


Happy couple celebrates twenty years
ride Oktoberfest train sampling beers
too trendy for china
he craves her vagina
chugs over orgasmic crescendo and cheers

If I Ponder, poem by Veronica Hosking (IF I Poetry and Prose Series poem)

Thank you, Melanie for featuring my golden shovel poem in the If I series.

Silver Birch Press

ifIf I Ponder
by Veronica Hosking

 If I ponder A Question
To read a poem inside a
poem, trying to echo voice
looking at what another said
I mean sit down and really look
Can you truly see me?

Words are written on the page in
a frenzy, thoughts spill out the
question posed, gazing at the stars

I am not confident they will tell
the truth so I look inside me
Is it possible to truly
know all the thoughts men
will voice over coffee of
all the poems written on earth

Powerful two letters holds all
we have ever pondered in the
cosmos, we tremble soul-and-body
lingering on what-ifs scars

There are many people who were
consumed contemplating verse, not
one poet questioned life or love too

If Rudyard Kipling failed to
write of more what loss we’d pay

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Vote for Rachael

Read Rachael’s message
help her make a difference
every vote counts

Rachael is on the DR.Pepper Tuition Giveaway. Veterinary school is pretty expensive. She has wanted to be a vet since grammar school. She is really doing well in her first semester at ASU still striving towards her goal. I am one proud mom. Please go read her page and vote for her – THANKS!

Accentuate the Positive

Welcome to #WorldCPDay. Sunday Shawn and I attended the Bare It All Expo at 9 the Gallery. It was well attended and the women who spoke about self love when confronted with impossible body ideals to live up to were quite inspirational.


Me and My Poem 9 the Gallery

In honor of #WorldCPDay, please visit the website for the new United Cerebral Palsy center in the Garfield District, downtown Phoenix.

World CP Day


Bare It All Hosted by Jaclyn Mo

The Bare It All Expo is this Sunday October 2nd at 9 the gallery from 4-6pm. So why is this post titled World CP day? Simple World CP Day is October 5th and my poem will be in the Bare It All Expo a few days prior.



Bare it all poem
did not try to reflect self
living with CP

An Interview With Author Jennifer Brown

My daughter’s interview with Jennifer Brown for journalism.

By: Gretchen Hosking
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Creative writing is amazing. It allows readers to have an escape from the real world for a while as they delve into another. The author’s amazing worlds and lovable characters keep us entwined within their stories.

4271350_origRecently I was able to interview Jennifer Brown, author of The Hate List and Perfect Escape, about her experiences with writing young adult books. Before becoming an author, writing was her hobby. It was never thought of as a career for her until her older son was born and she had to quit her day job.

Even though she was skeptical going into it, she was willing to try and turn her hobby into a career. This idea eventually ended up working for her and became reality. The only thing she said that frustrates her about the writing process is “keeping the world from taking…

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Haiku Challenge


Changing appearance
Second picture shows contrast
Over years between

In both of these pictures, I am standing in front of the closet in my bedroom. The first one was taken quite a few years ago, but I recently had it up on Facebook to celebrate Star Trek turning 50. The second I took last week before I went out to the Phoenix art and chocolate show on Thursday. The #haikuchallenge word on twitter today is second. I have been lax in the poetry writing lately, I need to get back into it.

Shawn and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary next month. I started to fiddle with his limerick gift. The traditional gift is china. We spent a few days up in New Mexico for our 15th anniversary and toured some vineyards and actually picked up crystal souvenir wine glasses. But I still had fun with the limerick.

There was a woman being a pistol
who wrapped herself as a present coital
fifteenth anniversary
was becoming a quandary
since she found no great gift in crystal

18th anniversary limerick

19th anniversary limerick

Melt Down, poem by Veronica Hosking (WHEN I MOVED Poetry and Prose Series)

It’s hard to believe the little girl napping in this photo has started her first semester at ASU.

Silver Birch Press

phoenix1Melt Down
by Veronica Hosking

So long Buffalo
Packed up our belongings
Left for warmer climate
Envious of sunny Arizona
Eighty degrees in February
Never looked back

IMAGE: Vintage postcard Phoenix, Arizona.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Back in November 1998, my husband had a splenectomy and we moved into my parents’ house while he was on disability. In February of ’99, Shawn moved across country to Phoenix, Arizona. Rachael and I followed at the end of June. As I write this poem 17 years later, Arizona is under an excessive heat wave. On Father’s Day we hit 118 and lost our AC for a couple hours. Still better than being buried under seven feet of snow.

hosking2AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Rachael napping on the patio of our apartment in Phoenix surrounded by the boxes we will pack up to move into our house.

hosking1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother…

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