Random Acts of Poetry

October seven
Random acts of poetry
Hope to pass stress test

Today is Random Acts of Poetry Day @tspoetry and the #haikuchallenge word is seven. Also as I’m composing this post, my husband is taking his stress test. I don’t think he knew what he was getting into – no caffeine for 24 hours before hand, fasting for six hours before the test, and running on a treadmill. Yes, I would fail before the test even started. The poetry challenge @Writersdigest today is write a spooky poem –

Cut off from caffeine
for twenty-four hours! Stress
test spooky ordeal

I’m also working on the October #platchal which really is proving to be a challenge because my Internet has been temperamental the past week. Not good for children’s homework needs either. The modem and wifi are all green. We have no idea why the computers pick it up sometimes and say, No Internet connection, a lot lately. Shawn thinks it’s a problem with Apple since it is the computers and idevices not connecting. The PS4 has no problem connecting.

Gretchen is on fall break. I’ve had a leisurely week thus far. Yesterday was cold, wet and rainy. I put on sweatpants and Gretchen and I cuddled up and watched Doctor Who on Netflix. When Rachael came home, she said, I wish I could wear sweatpants and stay home all day. Well she only has a half day today so… actually we’ll be running errands this afternoon. ;) Here is another haiku challenge I wrote this morning.

Seven minus two
Basic math shows five days ’til

Wedding thank you card

Wedding thank you card

Throwback Thursday

My mom labeled the photo

My mom labeled the photo

My friend, Rick, on our trip to Boston

My friend, Rick, on our trip to Boston









Throwback Thursday cheers!
Boston, Massachusetts trip
Can’t legally drink

In the spring of ’94, I went to Boston with my friend, Rick. We toured the city, went whale watching and then walked around Harvard and got lost. When we were in Boston, I wanted to check out Cheers. My husband (fiancé at the time) said it was tiny compared to the set they used for the TV show. Rick and I were under 21 and he wouldn’t go over to the bar with me. Because they did use the exterior for shots on the show, it was popular, crowded and had bouncers at the entrance. I went down to the door, was asked for my ID, told the guy I was under 21 and just wanted to see in the bar. He let me in. Wow! Shawn was right there was no room in the bar at all. Not only is it super small, but it was crowded. I was amazed the bouncers didn’t stop people from entering for fire code reasons. It looked like everyone at the door was gaining entrance even the 20 year old, who took a quick peek and exited fast.

Autumn Weddings

Shawn and my anniversary is less than two weeks away. I love October one of the things I miss living in AZ are the beautiful fall colors. But I don’t miss Buffalo snow so…

Yesterday a good friend from high school called out of the blue. He’s getting married next month. :D I asked him if it was October 12th (a really good day to get married) though since it is a Monday this year, I pretty much knew it would be no. Their date will be October 24. Unfortunately with less than a month’s notice, I can’t be there. But I did use the good news as inspiration for today’s #haikuchallenge

Libations flow free
Happily ever after
Autumn wedding bells

I’m, by no means, partial to October weddings. ;) The limerick for my 19th anniversary has been written and being left alone. I looked at the one for last year. The rough draft written out was different from what was actually posted. We shall see if letting this year’s sit unread will inspire edits when I post.

Tomorrow is October. And Gretchen will be on fall break next week. Wow! the first quarter of her freshman year is almost complete. You know what that means?

Can’t wait for fall break
Sleep is in my DNA
No early wake up

Gretchen's DNA model

Gretchen’s DNA model

Oktoberfest Fun

The Wigwam Resort had its annual Oktoberfest yesterday. Yes, I know it’s still September but hey with a maiden name of Heintz, who am I to complain they’re early. I brought my copy of The Great Gatsby Anthology. Since it is the last weekend of summer, I thought it would be a good time and place to get photos to promote the book.

Horsing around at Oktoberfest

Horsing around at Oktoberfest

Shawn and I invited his mom to come with us. We enjoyed German food, beer and music. As we were looking at the menu, Kathy started to explain the food items. Umm… did you forget your daughter-in-law is German? While we were listening to the band play, I said we should have brought Gretchen and put her German learning to good use. But we all figured she’d complain she doesn’t know enough to translate. Then I realized Shawn and I were married October 12th. Someday we are going to have to have the girl accompany us to Germany for a real Oktoberfest.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

I checked my page stats before writing this post. So far one view today – 18th Anniversary Limerick. It’s getting about time to work on the one for 19 years.

The Great Gatsby Anthology

Fitzgerald’s birthday
celebrate literature
entire book free

Thursday September 24th is Fitzgerald’s 119th birthday and Silver Birch Press will be offering the kindle edition of The Great Gatsby Anthology for free.

As part of the celebration, on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, we will give away the Kindle version of The Great Gatsby Anthology (to everyone!). It will be free on Amazon! Tell your friends. (We would love some additional Amazon reviews!) Silver Birch Press

Great Gatsby Anthology Cover

Great Gatsby Anthology Cover

A Long Time Ago…

My niece and nephew

My niece and nephew

In a galaxy…
er…um…Buffalo, NY
nineteen years ago

There they are adorable two-year-olds all dressed up for their Aunt and Uncle’s wedding. Wonder what happens in nineteen years?

My niece and nephew September 6, 2015

My niece and nephew September 6, 2015

Wonders why he is
still single when he wears an
I pee in pools shirt

Ha-ha the #haikuchallenge word today is single. In case my nephew hasn’t figured things out on his own. ;) This photo was perfect for a haiku this morning.

Yesterday we had a nice picnic at Nonnie’s house. Caitlin and Mack met again after almost 19 years. We also saw my cousin and uncle for a little while. And we had Sahlen’s hotdogs. Nothing like bribing your nephew to drive up from Fort Bliss with some good ole Buffalo, NY hotdogs. He’s heading back to El Paso this morning. He has a dozen hotdogs with him, hoping it’s enough for one cookout back there.

Teaching German

So Gretchen is taking German and tries to teach us what she is learning. Her cousin came up from Fort Bliss to visit over the long weekend and last night she tried teaching dad, mom and her cousin German.

Gretchen as a German teacher

Gretchen as a German teacher

Important message
teaching reluctant students
remember gold stars

When Mack got a right answer, he asked for a gold star. The teacher said she ran out. I was able to add the gold star sticker when I posted the picture to Facebook. Shhh… the teacher doesn’t know this picture is there. ;)

Trinity Lutheran School Friends

Sunday August 30 is the benefit for Liz Diamond’s daughters.


Meanwhile I learned another friend from Trinity is in hospice care, losing her battle with breast cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every person living with the pain and loss that comes with this disease.

Michelle (Mulhisen) Fioretti Trinity Lutheran 7th grade

Michelle (Mulhisen) Fioretti
Trinity Lutheran 7th grade

Cancer eats away
life left in limbo still with
promises to keep

Taken for Granted


Gone before forty
Never cease to remember
Happy birthday, Scott

August 24, 2015 would have been my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. He is missed.

Originally posted on Hosking's Blog:

The day before
Thanksgiving we lost someone dear
The day before
Life progressed without underscore
Taking for granted our time here
Moments slipped by without revere
The day before


Shawn and Scott Hosking May 2012

RIP – Scott Hosking
August 24,1975
November 27, 2013

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