Groundhog Day

Today would have been my mother’s 74th birthday. Last year on this day, Silver Birch Press published my Where I Live poem, Desert Spring. My mom didn’t enjoy the harsh Buffalo winters. She would have loved the seven feet of snow they had in November 2014. ;)

Today I wrote a haiku inspired by the #haikuchallenge word. And this picture posted by the meteorologist Brian Shields in Florida.



Palm tree sees shadow
Twelve months of summer weather
No forest to shade

Veronica, poem by Veronica Hosking (SAME NAME Poetry and Prose Series)

My same name senryu on Silver Birch Press. Thanks, Melanie.

Silver Birch Press

vlake12 2Veronica
by Veronica Hosking

Blonde hair swept over
one eye, alluring vision
Veronica Lake

PHOTO: Actress Veronica Lake (1922-1973).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I was born in 1973, the decade Jennifer was a popular name for girls. Throughout my childhood, I became friends with so many Jennifers my family started to number them. I knew eight. I never met another Veronica which is why I was fascinated by Veronica Lake. She was the only real person I heard of who shared my name. But after writing this poem, I found out Veronica wasn’t her given name. Oh well, I have a picture of me sitting by her star in Hollywood.

hosking1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother, and poet. She lives in the desert southwest with her husband and two daughters. Her family and day job, cleaning the house, serve as inspiration for most of her poetry. She was the…

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Double Dactyl Fun

Dickering, Snickering
How Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix
Given nickname Ha-Ha
Cruel Irony

Listen to sportscasters
Call out his plays for all

Article explaining how the nickname beganAs I was watching the heart stopping postseason game between Arizona and Green Bay, I noticed the announcers kept saying Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. I thought, no way is that poor man’s name Ha-Ha with the last name Clinton-Dix. And I thought I was picked on as a kid. Still I give the sportscasters credit; I’d be snickering every time I had to say his name. So yeah, I decided to write a poem for the guy.


Haiku Chat

Rain falls in desert
Standing under umbrella,
I wait for the bus

Late start Wednesday
Friend asks, where are you? D4
Wait… There’s school today?

Eating lunch outside
as raindrops pelt the table
my butt keeps chair dry

See writing haiku
is not difficult at all
Count – 5,7,5

Chatting in haiku,
I pause to count syllables
Boom! Still get it done


Gretchen came up with six haiku last night despite her mother’s aggravating haiku texts. But the one in the text chat, here, wasn’t in the final cut. And I did have to help with some syllable count. She had nine syllables in one. I’m pretty sure one reason was she counted every as two instead of three.

Stop speaking to me
in haiku! I speak German!
Ich spreche Deutsch, Ja

She even told her creative writing teacher yesterday, My mom keeps speaking in haiku since I told her about the assignment. ;) Never tell a poet you don’t like poetry.

Hello 2016

Both girls are back to school. Yesterday Rachael started her clinical hours for vet science. She will be working from 6am-7:30 which means leaving the house at 5:30am! On Wednesdays when Gretchen normally has late start and doesn’t have to leave the house until 8.

Then Rachael was back home a little after 10am because college courses don’t start until the 19th. She only has to be in school for four hours a day. When one starts at 6am four hours finish too early! Once college starts though, she’ll be scheduled to be in class from 6am-3:30pm on Wednesdays. But it is her only long day and by May she should earn her high school diploma and associate’s degree.IMG_0810

Meanwhile Gretchen didn’t start school until 8:50 yesterday. Her school works on a block schedule. They have 4 academics each day. They earn one credit for each class in a semester instead of a year. The second semester is a whole new schedule with new classes. She is in creative writing now and brought her stories in to show her teacher. I get a text yesterday, Rachael has the car, right? My teacher wants me to stay after school to talk about my stories. Yes, my youngest voluntarily stayed longer at school. Three days in her new classes, I’m thinking she really likes creative writing already.

This morning she asked me to help her with haiku. They have to write six for tomorrow’s assignment and she complained, I hate poetry. 6 x 3 = 18 lines and short lines at that. I checked the Wednesday poetry prompt at Writer’s Digest, Robert Lee Brewer wrote many people tell him how they have trouble writing less than 30 lines. The prompt is to write a 10 line or smaller poem. Since I’ll be helping Gretchen with haiku later and I haven’t written any poetry in awhile, I wrote a haiku.

Trouble writing more
than ten lines. I much prefer
concise poetry

To prove that I have risen on occasion to write poems with more than 10 lines even with Excuses for quitting. Hopefully Gretchen will not find excuses to quit before writing six haiku.

Happy New Year!


2015 was a busy year. Shawn entered his first art exhibit at Alwun House. In March we went to a Sabres Coyotes hockey game with other Buffalo State alumni who transplanted to the valley. In May, Gretchen graduated from 8th grade and Rachael took a summer course in order to graduate with an AA in May of 2016. Then in June I met two Star Trek writers, Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward, and The Great Gatsby Anthology was published. July we drove over to California, spent a couple days on the beach and then went to Disneyland to celebrate its diamond jubilee and Gretchen’s graduation. Silver Birch Press posted my Veronica poem while we were on vacation. And when we got back, I wrote Disneyland for the perfect vacation series.

August both girls started high school. Gretchen her freshman year and Rachael her senior year. Rachael also passed the driving test. September, October and November were busy with school and then my 42nd birthday. In WordPress’s year in review, my second most popular post is the 40th birthday poem I wrote for the evil twin. They suggest I write on the topic again. I have news for them, I have posted birthday poems the other two years. No one is interested in googling for a 41st or 42nd birthday poem. On days when I have had only one visitor and view more times than not it’s someone looking for a 40th birthday poem. I fear mine must be a great disappointment, because as a double dactyl it is very specific and really can’t be shared for anyone else turning 40.

Now we are in the last few days of December. I’ve been very quiet this month. I posted the recording of my mom reading, Twas the Night Before Christmas. We had a slight panic when the book couldn’t be found. I don’t pack it away with the other Christmas decorations. They are stored in the attic and Arizona summers get very hot not good for a recorded story book. It gets put away on a shelf in my closet. Only Shawn cleared out the closet to redecorate it and the book was not returned. But we did find it in the den where everything was moved.

AzMerit Score

For months they’ve been telling us to be prepared for bad test scores on the first common core tests students took here in Arizona last spring. Okay so I won’t be disappointed if my girls’ scores are within the average for the test. Well today Gretchen’s results finally arrived.


Highly proficient in English

Switch to common core
AzMerit test scores came
Jaw dropping, great grade


Proficient in math


Yes, this mother is having a #proudparent moment especially on the English score: two +s (reading for information & reading for literature) and a check mark (at grade level) on the writing portion. Way to Go, Gretchen! Now if I could see Rachael’s scores…

Happy Sci-fi Birthday!

Sci-fi theme going
Ev’ry kiss begins with Kay
Star Wars charm bracelet



My Dad’s birthday card


Yep, even my dad knows. Once upon a time he went out at Christmas and bought me the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS. I gave one hint to my hubby for my birthday present. My Dad unwittingly gave hint #2. I posted my Star Wars napowrimo poem as hint #3. This makes hint #4. Do you think the man will figure it out?

And because where would the fun in my birthday be if I couldn’t tease the twin about getting old.

42 years young
Ev’rything answered before
Senility sets


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Happy Birthday to Kati and Me!


Me (dimple) and Kati

Laceless Sneaker

Under watchful eye
Night before kindergarten
Struggle to tie shoe

This morning as I was tying my sneakers, I was thinking about when I was 5 years old. It was the night before my first day of school and I was terrified I was going to fail on the first day of kindergarten, because I couldn’t tie my shoes. I remember sitting up in bed, a sneaker in my lap, and trying over and over to tie the laces. When my mom came in to check on me, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was finally successful and I showed my mom I could tie laces. Much to my relief I wasn’t going to fail the first day of kindergarten. Never mind the five year old logic that said inability to tie sneaker – FAIL. Inability to zip zippers gets a pass.

Day 6 of NovPAD, Robert Lee Brewer mentioned the innovations humans have created. And I was just thinking Nike needed a laceless sneaker with good ankle support 35 years ago. By the way, I am pretty good at tying laces now, but I still struggle zipping zippers. So I’m really keeping an eye on this innovation – Auto Zipper.