Trinity Lutheran School Friends

Sunday August 30 is the benefit for Liz Diamond’s daughters.


Meanwhile I learned another friend from Trinity is in hospice care, losing her battle with breast cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every person living with the pain and loss that comes with this disease.

Michelle (Mulhisen) Fioretti Trinity Lutheran 7th grade

Michelle (Mulhisen) Fioretti
Trinity Lutheran 7th grade

Cancer eats away
life left in limbo still with
promises to keep

Taken for Granted


Gone before forty
Never cease to remember
Happy birthday, Scott

August 24, 2015 would have been my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. He is missed.

Originally posted on Hosking's Blog:

The day before
Thanksgiving we lost someone dear
The day before
Life progressed without underscore
Taking for granted our time here
Moments slipped by without revere
The day before


Shawn and Scott Hosking May 2012

RIP – Scott Hosking
August 24,1975
November 27, 2013

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Age of Discretion – HELP!

Use own discretion
License gives freedom to drive
Without an adult

Rachael Hosking behind the wheel.

Rachael Hosking behind the wheel.

Okay so she had an adult in the car, but it was her mother who cannot drive. Rachael did very well on her quasi solo drive. She drove me over to the library and then we went to the dollar store and pet store all the while she kept repeating, I don’t know why they gave me a license. I can’t drive. Well I don’t know what to tell you, but we made it to all those places and back home safe and sound, kid. I think her dad did a pretty good job of teaching her how to drive and obviously the proctor at MVD thought so, too.

This past Thursday she got senior class info (rings, announcements, cap and gown) and she filled out her application for ASU. Good grief how did we get here so quickly. She was just born yesterday, right?

Happy Bad Poetry Day

Two licensed drivers
in my house now, and yet I’m
still stuck bumming rides.

Yesterday was a busy AND successful day. Because Rachael only has one class (plus vet science) until college courses start on the 24th, she decided it was time to bite the bullet and take her road test. She got her permit July 9, 2014 and didn’t feel confident enough for the road test. You know you have a great friend when she drives you and your mother over to the MVD to renew your permit. So permit was renewed before our trip to California and we got to see the new Terminator movie that day.

Once we got back from California, Rachael practiced more driving, but didn’t get much done parallel parking. She wanted to take the road test August 4th before school started, but panicked. Finally this past weekend with triple digit record temps, Rachael and dad spent plenty of time parallel parking.

August heat record
mercury’s rise in reply
tired of melting

And after I heard word she passed and we were celebrating with Pei Wei, I was shocked to see dad pulling into the driveway. It seems she was done driving for the day, the road test was nerve wracking enough. Plus she had vet science in the afternoon, so mom and Gretchen still needed to bum a ride for the orthodontist.  We walked over and Nonnie was able to pick us up after work and bring us home.

Behind driver’s wheel
Proctor sits in passenger seat
Press on gas and peel

Disneyland, poem by Veronica Hosking (My Perfect Vacation Series)


I went onto Facebook to waste some time and play games. Hey, it’s Friday I can chill. I noticed a picture of me on my feed I didn’t post. Forgot about the poem I submitted to the My Perfect Vacation series. Here it is :D

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

by Veronica Hosking

Diamond jubilee
Dream vacation

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My youngest daughter had her 8th grade promotion in May. She wanted to celebrate by going to Disneyland. We enjoyed the park’s 60th diamond celebration in July.

AUTHOR’S NOTE ON THE PHOTO:  Gretchen (graduate), Rachael (pooh ears), and me posing with Winnie the Pooh July 15, 2015.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother, and poet.  She lives in the desert southwest with her husband and two daughters.  Her family and day job, cleaning the house, serve as inspiration for most of her poetry. She was the poetry editor for MaMaZina magazine 2006-2011.  “Spikier Spongier” appeared in Stone Crowns magazine November 2013. “Desperate Poet” was posted on the Narrator International website and reprinted in Poetry Nook February 2014. She has had several poems featured by Silver Birch Press

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First Day of School

Gretchen hiding behind Rachael first day of school

Follow girls to bus stop
Inquire where it is
Remember first day of school
Standing with wide-eyed freshmen
Timid about making friends

The first day of school for freshmen was Monday August 3rd. Rachael didn’t start until Wednesday but she was up bright and early to walk her sister to the bus stop. Yes, I have a terrible time getting pictures of Gretchen. The Disney photographer actually caught the girl with a smile on her face when we met Elsa and Anna. I was impressed.

Since the first day is freshmen only, there were only three kids at the bus stop. I wrote my #haikuchallenge Monday about it.

Waiting at bus stop
Count how many freshmen show
My entertainment

Agua Fria starts super early 7:20am except Wednesdays which are late start. Monday only three kids showed up at the bus stop; Tuesday the first day for everyone only four kids were there. I figured high schoolers were “too cool” to ride the bus. But Wednesday when the bus picks them up at 8:15 about a dozen kids were there. Yesterday at 6:45 there was still a good number, but it went down slightly this morning. Well first week of school complete thirty-nine to go.

Disneyland 60 Haiku

How to chill after
hard work canoeing around
Tom Sawyer Island

Mom, Gretchen and Dad canoeing in Magic Kingdom

Mom, Gretchen and Dad canoeing in Magic Kingdom

Once upon a time, I would canoe with my dad. He would do most of the work, paddling on one side and then the other of the canoe. This was our first time at Disneyland when the canoes were open. We went on the ride. Wow! Paddling is hard work especially with only one good hand. To all the able-bodied paddlers in the canoe with me – THANKS!

Chillin on Splash Mountain

Chillin on Splash Mountain

Canoe around Tom
Sawyer Island then chill out
on Splash Mountain flume

In case anyone has not realized the #haikuchallenge word today is chill. I’m chillin out on the last day of summer break, writing a little poetry.

Open – Acrostic

Only a week away
Pencils will be sharpened
Exams will be taken
New school year opens

Well Rachael starts in one week, Wednesday August 5th. Gretchen will have to get up bright and early come Monday. Since I’m good at procrastinating with housework, I decided to check out Writer’s Digest Wednesday poetry prompt – write a poem about open. On twitter the #haikuchallenge word today is beg.

five a.m. alarm
summer break has reached its end
beg eyes to open

On the positive side to school starting – when I do get off my butt to clean the house, it will stay clean for a couple hours in a day.

We Survived High School Walk Through

Back in January, we registered Gretchen for the regular public school, Agua Fria. They told us about the walk through before the school year begins, but no one told me the hassle it would be. Yesterday was the scheduled time for freshmen and seniors. I thought we could go before 10am dentist appointments. We arrived at 8am and by 8:30 were no where near getting in. The person handing out tickets, signed our ticket and said we could come back tomorrow.

Again today we were up bright and early. Shawn saw on friends’ Facebook pages the line was already big before the doors opened at 7:30am! We left the house even earlier this morning, but our time in Disneyland proved to work well. The signed ticket from yesterday got us to the front of the line. Yes, folks we got a fast pass for high school registration.

Freshman year schedule

Freshman year schedule

My german girl is taking German 1; she’s excited. We got cafeteria info, parentvue info and Gretchen got her school ID and we came home. Our timing was perfect because I turned on Good Morning America hoping to catch the Ruffino/Diamond story. It came on less than 5 minutes later.


My friend, Laura Ruffino and her husband, adopted Liz Diamond’s 4 girls after Liz lost her battle with brain cancer. I dedicated a poem to Liz during napowrimo – I Felt a Funeral in My Brain.

Here is the online fundraising page for anyone who would like to help the Ruffino/Diamond family. It is a very inspiring story from tragic circumstances.

And now I think I can recoup from vacation before school officially starts August 3rd.