Happy New Year!


2015 was a busy year. Shawn entered his first art exhibit at Alwun House. In March we went to a Sabres Coyotes hockey game with other Buffalo State alumni who transplanted to the valley. In May, Gretchen graduated from 8th grade and Rachael took a summer course in order to graduate with an AA in May of 2016. Then in June I met two Star Trek writers, Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward, and The Great Gatsby Anthology was published. July we drove over to California, spent a couple days on the beach and then went to Disneyland to celebrate its diamond jubilee and Gretchen’s graduation. Silver Birch Press posted my Veronica poem while we were on vacation. And when we got back, I wrote Disneyland for the perfect vacation series.

August both girls started high school. Gretchen her freshman year and Rachael her senior year. Rachael also passed the driving test. September, October and November were busy with school and then my 42nd birthday. In WordPress’s year in review, my second most popular post is the 40th birthday poem I wrote for the evil twin. They suggest I write on the topic again. I have news for them, I have posted birthday poems the other two years. No one is interested in googling for a 41st or 42nd birthday poem. On days when I have had only one visitor and view more times than not it’s someone looking for a 40th birthday poem. I fear mine must be a great disappointment, because as a double dactyl it is very specific and really can’t be shared for anyone else turning 40.

Now we are in the last few days of December. I’ve been very quiet this month. I posted the recording of my mom reading, Twas the Night Before Christmas. We had a slight panic when the book couldn’t be found. I don’t pack it away with the other Christmas decorations. They are stored in the attic and Arizona summers get very hot not good for a recorded story book. It gets put away on a shelf in my closet. Only Shawn cleared out the closet to redecorate it and the book was not returned. But we did find it in the den where everything was moved.