NaPoWriMo 2014 – Onto Success Acrostics


Now that April is upon us
All pens are posed
Poets begin to obsess
Over every word composed

Whether we shall reach the finish
Rhyming verses all the way
Is a challenge not to diminish
Make the most of today

Onto Success!


April 1, 2012 – Tomorrow is the start of another NaPoWriMo.  A couple years ago, I opened NaPoWriMo with an acrostic. Then I closed with another acrostic at the end of the month.



Reminiscing over the past thirty days
Evokes pleasure in accomplishing a few
Memorable poems I hope will amaze
Each piece I have written may not hold up to
Measure and meter in true poetic form
But I had fun creating new verse to share
Expressing myself while trying to conform
Rhyming through April an ambitious affair


April 30, 2012 Here’s to a successful NaPoWriMo 2014! Happy Writing!


Tardis Concrete Poem

Travels through time
and space an alien being,
living inside a blue
Police           Public           Box
is known simply as The Doctor
keeps a watchful eye on people
many places throughout history
are familiar with the TARDIS and
the Doctor, Who is the last of the
Time Lords. He travels with many
companions: Amy, Rory and River
Song, to name a few, keeping us
safe from Cybermen, Daleks and
weeping angels. His trusty sonic
screwdriver always at his side is
temperamental when it comes to
wood as the children find out
Christmas Eve in 1941
The Time and Relative Dimensions in
Space… definitely bigger on the inside


April 19, 2012.  I’ve shared the link to my gather page for this poem earlier.  But I was wondering how I could work out a concrete poem on wordpress.  I can get the shape accurate but I can’t seem to change the text color.  I’ve right clicked font color and I’ve clicked on text color up in the toolbar.  Nothing happens for either.  So I know I can write a shape poem in April just hope I don’t want to play with color.  Any suggestions? April is only two days away…




NaPoWriMo My First Year

The 800

Running faster and faster
She goes
Will anyone pass her
No one knows

First runner, second
Runner; Slow down she beckoned
Neither runner slows

Since the girls do not diminish
Ref calls for photo finish.


April 23, 2010.  The prompt write a poem as a speaker announcing a sporting event. My oldest, Rachael, was in track and field back in sixth grade.  This was about the first race she won.  I just showed her the poem. She said, I blew past her there was no need for a photo finish. Poetic license. It sounds better as a close second. Three more days until my fourth poetry marathon.

Seventy Septolet


April 19, 2011.  I didn’t sign up for NaPoWriMo but I was still writing poetry.  Here is the birthday present for my dad.  My Little One, trailing behind, is six decades younger than her Grandpa.  I thought this made a great picture to accompany the poem. In one more week my Little One will be 13! Two weeks later Grandpa will be celebrating his birthday.  April is full of birthdays, poetry and AIMS (standardized testing in AZ).

NaPoWriMo Ae Freslighe

Rachael reaches climatic
feats figuring and teaches
her class concise didactic
math measures Rachael reaches

April 24,2013 the last poem I was able to share before gather went down last year. My oldest daughter, Rachael, doesn’t get birthday poems.  Her birthday is in May.  I’m usually still decompressing from all the poetry writing in April.  However, she is still fair game for poetry fodder in April.  This poem was written because she came home and told me how her math class said she was an excellent teacher.  Yesterday she came home excited again; she got the highest score on the school’s benchmark test in math. 😀

Way to go, Rachael!  She is doing so well in school, they will be paying for her to take 4 courses at the college both semesters her junior year.  She really wants to graduate high school with her AS degree.  It looks like this may be a possibility.  The prompt for the poem last year was to write an Ae Freslighe and to include a body part.  I submitted the above version, explaining the brain was the body part.  But later I thought it might be fun to play with the homophone.  After all it is math and you measure feet in math class.

Rachael reaches climatic
feets figuring and teaches
her class concise didactic
math measures Rachael reaches


Birthday Girl Abecedarian

Birthday Girl


Birthday girl

Come out

Delight in

Eleven years

Full of fun

Greet the day


It’s finally here

Jump for joy

Kick up your heels

Let’s celebrate and

Make merry

No frowns


Pouting faces

Quelle Surprise!

React with a


To presents



We wished

XX many more

Years – perhaps eleven



April 4, 2012 The prompt for this besides writing an abecedarian was to use two foreign words/phrases.  I was able to work in three.  My Little One is a huge Doctor Who fan; therefore, the opening phrase was a no brainer.  I think she enjoyed turning 11, because Matt Smith is her favorite doctor.  She just finished reading her fourth Doctor Who media tie-in novel.  I was talking to her about it this morning on the walk to the bus stop.  The one she just finished was about daleks.  She said it ended well not cheesy like the ending of the previous one with the Doctor and Clara visiting the U.S.

Luckily the school’s book fair is this week.  She has already been and has new books to read.  Her birthday – 13! is in ten days maybe it’s a good time to get a 5th tie-in novel.

NaPoWriMo Count Down

One week until it’s national poetry month.  I began participating in napowrimo (link) in 2010.  My efforts were then logged in at my gather page.  I skipped 2011 because it was my Dad’s 70th birthday and I wasn’t going to be around to write a poem each day.  Shuffled off to Buffalo to surprise him.  But I did go over to my daughter’s school and help teach poetry to her 4th grade class that year.  Then I was back at napowrimo in 2012.  Learned a new form – the double dactyl.  I found it very interesting and was stubborn enough to get it right.  My napowrimo attempt did not follow the form to the letter.  But anyone who reads this blog has seen my success at following the form.  2013 I signed up again with my gather account.  Gather decided to shut down April 25th. 😦 and didn’t start up again until the end of May!  I did write 30 poems last year, writing more than one a day some days.  But without accountability I didn’t finish the last three prompts.

This year I signed up through this blog.  Here is a preview of one of my poems from last year. April 4, 2013.

Living Oblivion

Traversing the stars on Living Oblivion, we are

a motley crew, living in a titanium bubble,

racing in front of a neutron star.

Without hyper-drive, we will not get far

No one onboard asked for this trouble,

traversing the stars on Living Oblivion, we are

Longing for home, the memories all blur

as fixing the hyper-drive, our efforts redouble,

racing in front of a neutron star

Wanting to pull up to the nearest space bar,

where we’ll order stiff drinks to arrive on the double

traversing the stars on Living Oblivion, we are

A motley crew, kissing our butts au revoir

it won’t be long until it is all but a nubble,

racing in front of a neutron star

Our fate sealed, some may say is bizarre,

awakening in Nirvana – a pile of rubble

traversing the stars on Living Oblivion, we are

racing in front of a neutron star.


April 4th also happens to be the Little One’s birthday.  First year I didn’t write her a birthday poem on her birthday.  Tomorrow. I’ll share the abecedarian I wrote on her 11th birthday.

Weekly Acrostic

Once again High Calibre Poetry chose my acrostic as the WEEKLY winner. Thank you so much! This was the only poem I worked on the past week. One would think with the girls back in school, I would have been more productive on the poetry front. I kept telling myself the housework had to be on the front burner. In a little over a week, I’ll be waist deep in napowrimo.


Whittling away the hours

Every week High Calibre

Entreats poets to write

Keen verse, challenging

Linguists to sharpen skills

Yielding an expanded lexicon

NaPoWriMo Glossa

Here is a glossa I wrote last year for NaPoWriMo. Starting to focus on poetry in April again. It’s less than a month away. I wrote a poem for high calibre poetry’s theme sadness. But other than that, I’ve been focussing on getting my sick family feeling better. Germs started multiplying in my house the last week of February. And they are still not completely eradicated.


I started on my homework
but my pen ran out of ink.
My hamster ate my homework.
My computer’s on the blink. (Kenn Nesbitt)

Every April poets sit down to write
Thirty poems in thirty days
Some days the words flow free
Like leaves caught in an autumn breeze
Other days are quite frustrating
And can drive a poet berserk
Counting syllables, minding rhymes
The glossa form has how many lines
Maybe I’ll find a way to shirk
I started on my homework

Staring out my bedroom window
The beautiful spring day is calling
Put away your pen and paper
Take a walk enjoy the sunshine
This glossa form is going nowhere
And if you step back go out to think
The next twenty lines could appear
As magic. Yes, the words will cheer
When on the page they interlink
But my pen ran out of ink

Two more stanzas are required
My writing skills are being tested
Maybe I can find another excuse
The dog and cat vie for attention
Wondering why I’m not playing
They probably think I’m a jerk
The next few lines take too long
This glossa is proving too strong
Perhaps I should say with a smirk
My hamster ate my homework

Every April poets sit down to write
Thirty poems in thirty days
It’s only day eleven
I’m running out of steam
The glossa form a worthy foe
But in its armor I see a chink
Four more lines are within my grasp
Here I am near the end at last
Please tell me this poem doesn’t stink
My computer’s on the blink