Pea Soup Poems

I remember when my Mom made pea soup. My family devoured it. The man I married won’t touch the stuff with a 50 foot pole. I only began making it a couple years ago, when one of my daughters came to her senses and realized pea soup is delicious.

Over the weekend, I picked up some ham hocks and yesterday I set the peas to soaking. The aroma filling my house was torturous. My daughter, lucky girl, has a late class on Mondays and does not come home till close to five o’clock. She came in the door, smelled the soup cooking and wanted to eat right away. I told her it had another hour to cook.

She thought that was pure torture. I told her I was suffering since 2 PM! Having the aroma of pea soup cooking in the house is excellent inspiration. 😀

Wafting through the house
A delicious aroma
Pea soup simmering

And today, I am wasting away my morning waiting to heat up the leftover pea soup for lunch. I thought, wasting and tasting rhyme. Can I come up with two more to make a pea soup tyburn?

Ham hocks flavor wasting, pasting peas
Aroma is basting, tasting tease

Well I’m going to post this. It’s time for lunch.



October Ae Freslighe

Trees turn vibrant color in
Autumn, on Halloween night
Children are heard hollerin’
Trick or treat, as they glean quite

A lot of candy, fearing
Periodontal disease
Mom and Dad stop spree clearing
Of wrappers, kids go claw trees

No I have not mastered the Ae Freslighe poetry form yet but it is a fun exercise. Here is one I wrote back in April. I read each line had to be seven syllables and follow the rhyming scheme…

Rachael reaches climatic
Feets figuring and teaches
Her class concise didactic
Math measures Rachael reaches

A Little Book of Craftivisim – Review

The other day I posted a couple of my concrete poems for the #somum chat. I enjoy participating in live twitter chats. It gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, and sometimes you may even get free goodies.

IMG_4637 I was sent a copy of A Little Book of Craftivism by Sarah Corbett for participating in the September #somum chat.

So… What is craftivism? The introduction tells us Betty Greer coined the term in 2003 – “a way of looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger, your compassion deeper.” And wouldn’t you know it? I have a craftivist in my own home.

bethechange My husband has made several “be the change” pennies, handing them out to people who need (or want) change.

IMG_4638 This is the page, that as a poet, caught my attention. Yes, even poetry can change the world – 100TPC.

I have not attended a 100TPC event yet. 1) No one in my local area has put one together and 2) I am not bold enough to organize an event myself. I do dabble in poetry for change though. Septolets for October:

brings awareness
to women
battered and bruised

Stand up
say No to

paints the world
all month long

Women fighting
breast cancer
triumph in

If you are an activist tired of just signing your name on the dotted line of petitions or marching in a protest rally the government doesn’t acknowledge, you will enjoy reading A Little Book of Craftivism. It has great pictures and how to instructions to help you get crafty about your activism.

Concrete Poetry

Summer Vacation

Children run home
Free to pester Mom
Slumber parties ensue
Where no child slumbers
Refrains of – I’m bored!
Climb to a crescendo as
The days begin to crawl
When does school start?
Relief’s around the corner
Where did I put the aspirin?



                                                                Tea Time


                                              h                Kettle on
                                                 o        I remember tea      M
                                                    t   pouring water into         i
                                                          cups set to steep           l
                                                          stir in sugar and      k



Today’s #somum topic on twitter is the big draw.  I don’t draw.  Yes, sometimes I doodle but it’s not true drawing.  Believe me there are three people in my house who know how to draw.  But I have gotten pretty good at concrete poetry (poems in shape).  So I am sharing a couple old ones for the somum twitter chat.  They are related to the story of mom.  Especially the top one.  Summer break is over, but the Little One is smack dab in the middle of her fall break.

Rondelets – The Wednesday Wars

Holling Hoodhood
is not Jewish or Catholic he’s
Holling Hoodhood
and is often misunderstood
on Wednesdays he tries to appease
his teacher but by June he sees
Holling Hoodhood

my teacher, Mrs. Baker, plans
schemes, leaving me precarious
every Wednesday I’m in her hands
am I the only one who pans

“Doug Swieteck’s brother wouldn’t even come near me, and I would foil Mrs. Baker’s nefarious plan.” The Wednesday Wars Gary D. Schmidt p. 13

I bought The Wednesday Wars for my little one. She began 7th grade this year and her home room/English teacher is Mrs. Baker. One of her vocabulary words happens to be nefarious. She pointed it out to me while we were reading the book together.