Twitter Haiku Challenge

I’m busy making pea soup today.  The nice thing about it is even though it takes several hours, I can multitask.  Most of the time is spent simmering the ham bone in the peas and water.  Yesterday I was watching Steve Harvey’s talk show.  He had on a guest who multitasks everyday items found in your house.  She showed us how to cook a meal in your dishwasher!  Your dinner can cook while you go off and do other chores.  I thought two things 1) I live in the desert. I am not going to run my dishwasher with only tinfoiled food in it.  HUGE waste of water. 2) if you want to cook dinner while getting other chores done, isn’t that what your slow cooker is for?  No, I’m not going to cook dinner in my dishwasher.

To make the pea soup today, I had to go over and buy a pound of peas yesterday.  As I was struggling with the bulk bin, bag and scoop, I thought I don’t remember finding this difficult before.  Then I remembered because you make your daughter fill the bag with peas when you buy them for soup.  It’s helpful to have two good hands. 😉  This morning’s #haikuchallenge was to use the word halting.  I wasn’t sure what to write.  Then I remembered yesterday’s difficulties.


Ham bone thawed for broth
Bulk bin holds split peas captive
Halting my progress


I’m sure I was a sight trying to hold the bin lid up, bag open and scoop up the peas using only one hand.  But I got it done and the pea soup is progressing quite well now.  Of course later I’m going to have to cut up the veggies.  Another task made more time consuming with only one good hand.  But to eat yummy soup for dinner definitely worth it. 



Monday Morning Silence

My house overflows with high tech devices, we have officially entered the 21st century.
A few years ago my husband had said, Why keep up with the Jones?
Now my house is a minefield littered with iPods, iPads, and iPhones aplenty.
Oh how I miss the days when it was quiet and still
And I was not tethered to electronics, tracking my every move
The quiet of old pierced with pings in every trill.
Why keep up with the Jones, he had said.
I saw no reason to argue his point
Now there is no rest in bed.
Could someone please tell me why
The world feels they must
be on a tie?
Leave me alone
Turn off
It’s past 9AM on a Monday and all is silent in my house. Everyone except me is still in bed. Yes, I was awakened by the phone. But it happened to be the landline. Now I’m enjoying my peace and quiet with a cup of coffee. 

Poetry at Work Day

Tweetspeak Poetry is hosting their second annual poetry at work day January, 14.

My last post was a rondelet about resolution. I don’t make New Year Resolutions, but I do have writing goals. This year I would like to compile my poetry into a chapbook manuscript. Today I wrote a senryu about my job:

Lounging in bed
Rhyme, meter and verse coalesce
Poet hard at work

Maybe I should take Tuesday to stop lounging and get to work.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral strike that, reverse it. In 2013 there were four funerals and a wedding. The last month was especially hard. My brother-in-law passed away on November 27 and then my cousin on December 27.

We were busy traveling to El Paso, TX to visit my mother-in-law and my nephew stationed at Fort Bliss last Friday. When we arrived, my sister asked me what happened since I live close to my cousin, but I was unaware anything was wrong.

2013 was also filled with Happy Times. Here is Gretchen singing a solo in the spring concert. At the end of May we vacationed in California to attend the wedding of one of Shawn’s cousins. In February our nephew, who is stationed at Fort Bliss, flew out for a visit before heading off to boot camp.

In June one of my other cousins was hit by a car. He is still rehabilitating. But over the summer we had a few family members fly out to visit him and help my uncle. My parents also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June.

We rang in 2014 at my mother-in-law’s with a drink to those we lost in 2013. First her boyfriend’s mom passed away; then one of Shawn’s uncles passed away followed by his brother and last my cousin.

RIP Ken Tiger
May 31, 1964
December 27, 2013