Monday Mishaps

Despite my Monday mishaps, yesterday was a pretty good day. I wrote some new poems; sent off a couple submissions; and Alberto Rios, AZ’s poet laureate, accepted my friend request on Facebook.

As you know, my poem is this week’s winner at high calibre poetry. Well I sent them a poem on happiness. I put Happiness – Nonet where you are suppose to enter your name. Oops, sorry guys. I should know better I’ve been entering most of the weekly challenges from the start of the year.

Then I went and got a glass of water. I thought there was a speck on the glass and was picking at it with my fingernail. Since it didn’t seem to want to come off, I looked more closely. There was a crack going down the side. I wasn’t going to let an opportunity slip by. I snapped a photo and wrote a poem.


Instead of half full
The glass appears to be cracked
Empty optimist

Don’t worry after the poem was written the glass found its way to the trash.


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