RIP Leonard Nimoy

Garden at Cosanti in Phoenix, AZ

Garden at Cosanti in Phoenix, AZ

Perfect moments lived
Memory cannot erase
Live long and prosper

Five days ago, Nimoy’s last tweet was:

“A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP”

Here’s to living in every moment and cultivating perfect memories. The beautiful garden picture was taken by my wonderful husband. Today is his birthday. Unfortunately now that he is 43, he is no longer the answer to everything in the universe. But come November I’ll be able to take over the answer department 😉

LLAP Spock you will be missed but not forgotten.


Birthday Paradelle

Shawn posing as Wolverine

Shawn posing as Wolverine

Birth True Talons

Your true birth name quiz
Your true birth name quiz
Phoenix rises from the ashes
Phoenix rises from the ashes
Birth the Phoenix – name true
From ashes your quiz rises

Snap a photo of yourself
Snap a photo of yourself
Resplendent with huge talons
Resplendent with huge talons
Photo – resplendent talons
With a snap of yourself huge

Celebrate forty-three years
Celebrate forty-three years
Wolverine come out to play
Wolverine come out to play
Out wolverine celebrate
To come years play forty-three

Scratch seven year itch
Scratch seven year itch
Fifty candles shade true self
Fifty candles shade true self
Seven candles scratch fifty
Year – shade true self itch

I took “your true birth name” quiz. No one ever gets my name right and I wanted to see what my true name is – my result: Phoenix. Okay no one has ever called me Phoenix. Then the evil twin took the quiz and got the same result. I replied, identical twins with the same name how will anyone tell us apart? And my hubby asked, Who is Jean Grey? I said, It depends on who claims to be Cyclops. My sister answered, I’d rather be with Wolverine. I said, Me too; but I already have him since my husband is only 5’6″ 😛 and to make my statement true, hubby took a picture of himself with “claws”. I love him. Since tomorrow is his 43rd birthday, I wrote him a birthday paradelle inspired by his photo. Paradelle is the poetic form challenge at Writer’s Digest til March 15th. This was too fun to pass up. Happy Birthday, Shawn!

As for the huge talons – the birthday boy knows where it’s from.

English Lesson Rated R

Fuck – all who enter
Continue until climax
Profanity rules

Last night was the Poetry and Music Festivus at Alwun House. I was impressed by the poets predilection for speech. I would have tripped over my own tongue accentuating words as readily. Note why I was relieved to get a rejection letter last week. One of the poets recited a poem, FUCK, and Rachael’s Eng 102 professor shared the above video at the start of this semester. All the years we were told to refrain from using the F word when all it wants is a grand entrance.

#haikuchallenge word today is enter.

Exotic Art Show

Big crowd at exotic show

Big crowd at exotic show

Exotic art show
Standing outside Alwun House
to see exhibit

I do not do crowds. Standing in line, waiting to get in, I kept telling Shawn, The things I do for you. He replied, What about all the things I go to for you?

Name one? Well… you just get published. Exactly I’m an introverted writer, hiding behind my keyboard. What about the art reading?

YES! I have never been more relieved to get a rejection letter. My ekphrasis poem for the Phoenix Art Museum will not be in the Four Chambers anthology. At this point with everything Shawn and the girls have going on in February and the first part of March, I don’t know how we’d make First Friday on March 6th.

Sprawls across the valley
Urban landscape dotting desert

American Landscape

American Landscape

Miklos Suba
American, 1860 – 1944
American Landscape
Photo Credit – Phoenix eMuseum

And I thought I was clever submitting an American cinquain for a painting titled American Landscape. Oh well, I don’t have to worry about passing out in front of a crowd of people trying to perform my poem now.

Throwback Thursday

Senior portrait 1992

Senior portrait 1992

Show senior picture
Commiserate braces curse
Daughter does not smile

Yesterday the Little One got braces. Since today is #tbt, I pulled out my yearbook to show her my senior picture.  I remember thinking, Ack! My braces are too visible. But neither she nor her older sister said they could see the braces in my picture. They both commented on my weird hairstyle. 😛 The #haikuchallenge word today is curse. At least my photo is good for something. Who sees the braces?

Desert Spring by Veronica Hosking (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series)

Today is my Mom’s birthday the first she is not here to celebrate. She always hated Buffalo’s cold winters. Rather appropriate she could complain at its halfway point. I’m glad my “Desert Spring” poem was posted today. Happy GroundHog’s Day! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Silver Birch Press

by Veronica Hosking

Every morning I wake to greet
Sunshine and love my warm retreat
Back east they are shoveling snow
My desert spring lush in dry heat

Though the desert is not as green
I will not offer up a keen
Glad to miss seven feet of snow
Now where did I put my sunscreen?

IMAGE: “Sonoran Desert, Spring Bloom” by Scott McGuire. Prints available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother, and poet. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English education at Buffalo State College before moving to the desert. Her poetry has appeared in Stone Crowns, Poetry NooknarratorINTERNATIONAL, and Silver Birch Press. She was the poetry editor for MaMaZina from 2006-2011.Veronica shares poetry about raising her two daughters and being a housewife on her blog

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SunWinks Oxymoron Prompt

Slumber Awakes

The world slumbers
There is no exclamation mark
The world slumbers
A tragic event encumbers
It only takes a single spark
The world awakes

The world awakes
One person rises up to fight
The world awakes
Indifference is all it takes
Too often we ignore a slight
Without action there is no light
The world slumbers

SunWinks oxymoron prompt. I was also thinking, dull brightness or delight slight.