Birthday Not Complete Failure


Rush in Phoenix November 2012













Shawn is a huge Rush fan. We saw them in concert in 2012. Sorry for the poor picture taken with my phone and somewhat shaky. I’m not a fan of heights and as you can see we’re pretty high in the arena. Dayton Ward wrote a short story for the 2113 anthology due out in April. Through him, I learned they had an advance sample going out of one story. Of course I had to order and it came in time for Shawn’s birthday. He was even impressed it’s an autographed sample.


2113 sample story





Stories inspired
by music of Rush. Under
Pressure, Oops wrong band








Okay, I couldn’t help it. I know bad poem, but since writing my other pieces this morning, Queen has been playing in my head.


Academic Letter

I feel cheated. My daughter got a letter last night for academic achievement. When I was in high school, letters were only for the athletes. I was one of the top 20 students in my high school class. Yes, top 20 out of over 300 students in the class. What did I get? Paper certificates and my picture taken and displayed at the Erie County Fair. I want a letter, now. Since I was born with cerebral palsy there was no way I was going to earn a varsity letter. And I thought playing sports was the only way to earn a letter. Back 25 years ago, I think it was. Does anyone my age have an academic letter?

At any rate, I used my daughter’s accomplishment to write a couple #haikuchallenge on twitter. The first when we got the invitation for the assembly.




celebrate great grades
academic achievement
offers no trophy


It obviously showed what little I know about academic awards these days, because she came home with this last night.


Gold medal 4.0 GPA and Academic Letter


No athletic skill
Impossible to believe
Daughter earns letter

I have to say I’m also very proud of my oldest daughter who has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school without earning any letter. Gretchen did not understand the fuss because we never went to an academic award ceremony for Rachael. I told her it’s because of the school Rachael attends takes great grades as a given and does not celebrate them. She will be receiving a special diploma in May to honor her four years of hard work. I guess that’s something.

Wigs for Kids

Back in November, we went to Great Clips for haircuts and Rachael cut it all off to donate to Wigs for Kids. Silver Birch Press is publishing a series about hair, and I realized I haven’t shown off Rachael’s new do. Keep in mind, this girl was born with a full head of hair. She was given her first haircut at 4 months. Also she has never color or permed her hair for that matter it hasn’t been touch by a curling iron/straightener or blow dryer either. She really did have thick, natural, virgin hair.


Combing out the long hair


Hair set aside to donate






















Long hair
split into ponytails
wigs for kids made with scissor snip
great cause

Check out all the great hair poems on the Silver Birch Press Blog.



My Grand Plan

Taxes filed early
Multiply refund winning
One thousand dollars


Me, our friend Jo Madden, and my hubby Shawn


In case readers haven’t figured it out, today’s #haikuchallenge word is multiply. Thanks to our daughter, Rachael, who wanted to get her FAFSA in as early as possible, Shawn and I did our taxes in January. As you can see Shawn was one of the $1,000 winners. #MyGrandPlan we’re using it to pay off Rachael’s trip to Glacier National Park. Thanks H&R Block and Jo.

Penis Envy

A good time was had by all last night. Shawn’s “Erection Set” was a big hit. He came home (yes, I got out of making an appearance at opening night) and said, I didn’t realize how many people would touch the artwork. I thought art was to admire without touching. Well when one plays on erector set as a title, what can you expect? Maybe not this


Phantasmagorical Spectacular Opening Exotic Art Show Alwun House February 12, 2016 Photo taken by Shawn Hosking


Interested buyer
Handsy people multiply
Show me the bacon


Shawn prefaced this photo with, Sorry it’s not for sale. What?! Exactly what are we going to do with the sculpture. He can keep the pictures as a momento.

Exotic Art Show Round Two

Phallic sculpture makes
Alwun House Exotic Show
Lust erector set


Alwun House Exotic Show Ad


Once again Shawn has artwork on exhibit at the Alwun House Exotic Show. Opening night is tomorrow. Here I am at last year’s opening. Shawn is excited one of his pieces made the ad for this year’s show. I opened my big mouth and said there wasn’t enough male representation in the show. Shawn took this as a challenge to #freethebacon. I really do like his 3D painting phallic donut. I’ll have to post a picture of it when I get a chance. In the meantime, here is a poem I wrote about one of his pieces from last year – Sculpting Septolet.

Groundhog Day

Today would have been my mother’s 74th birthday. Last year on this day, Silver Birch Press published my Where I Live poem, Desert Spring. My mom didn’t enjoy the harsh Buffalo winters. She would have loved the seven feet of snow they had in November 2014. 😉

Today I wrote a haiku inspired by the #haikuchallenge word. And this picture posted by the meteorologist Brian Shields in Florida.



Palm tree sees shadow
Twelve months of summer weather
No forest to shade