Tardis Concrete Poem

Travels through time
and space an alien being,
living inside a blue
Police           Public           Box
is known simply as The Doctor
keeps a watchful eye on people
many places throughout history
are familiar with the TARDIS and
the Doctor, Who is the last of the
Time Lords. He travels with many
companions: Amy, Rory and River
Song, to name a few, keeping us
safe from Cybermen, Daleks and
weeping angels. His trusty sonic
screwdriver always at his side is
temperamental when it comes to
wood as the children find out
Christmas Eve in 1941
The Time and Relative Dimensions in
Space… definitely bigger on the inside


April 19, 2012.  I’ve shared the link to my gather page for this poem earlier.  But I was wondering how I could work out a concrete poem on wordpress.  I can get the shape accurate but I can’t seem to change the text color.  I’ve right clicked font color and I’ve clicked on text color up in the toolbar.  Nothing happens for either.  So I know I can write a shape poem in April just hope I don’t want to play with color.  Any suggestions? April is only two days away…