Twitter Haiku Challenge

I’m busy making pea soup today.  The nice thing about it is even though it takes several hours, I can multitask.  Most of the time is spent simmering the ham bone in the peas and water.  Yesterday I was watching Steve Harvey’s talk show.  He had on a guest who multitasks everyday items found in your house.  She showed us how to cook a meal in your dishwasher!  Your dinner can cook while you go off and do other chores.  I thought two things 1) I live in the desert. I am not going to run my dishwasher with only tinfoiled food in it.  HUGE waste of water. 2) if you want to cook dinner while getting other chores done, isn’t that what your slow cooker is for?  No, I’m not going to cook dinner in my dishwasher.

To make the pea soup today, I had to go over and buy a pound of peas yesterday.  As I was struggling with the bulk bin, bag and scoop, I thought I don’t remember finding this difficult before.  Then I remembered because you make your daughter fill the bag with peas when you buy them for soup.  It’s helpful to have two good hands. 😉  This morning’s #haikuchallenge was to use the word halting.  I wasn’t sure what to write.  Then I remembered yesterday’s difficulties.


Ham bone thawed for broth
Bulk bin holds split peas captive
Halting my progress


I’m sure I was a sight trying to hold the bin lid up, bag open and scoop up the peas using only one hand.  But I got it done and the pea soup is progressing quite well now.  Of course later I’m going to have to cut up the veggies.  Another task made more time consuming with only one good hand.  But to eat yummy soup for dinner definitely worth it. 


Pea Soup Poems

I remember when my Mom made pea soup. My family devoured it. The man I married won’t touch the stuff with a 50 foot pole. I only began making it a couple years ago, when one of my daughters came to her senses and realized pea soup is delicious.

Over the weekend, I picked up some ham hocks and yesterday I set the peas to soaking. The aroma filling my house was torturous. My daughter, lucky girl, has a late class on Mondays and does not come home till close to five o’clock. She came in the door, smelled the soup cooking and wanted to eat right away. I told her it had another hour to cook.

She thought that was pure torture. I told her I was suffering since 2 PM! Having the aroma of pea soup cooking in the house is excellent inspiration. 😀

Wafting through the house
A delicious aroma
Pea soup simmering

And today, I am wasting away my morning waiting to heat up the leftover pea soup for lunch. I thought, wasting and tasting rhyme. Can I come up with two more to make a pea soup tyburn?

Ham hocks flavor wasting, pasting peas
Aroma is basting, tasting tease

Well I’m going to post this. It’s time for lunch.