Concrete Poetry

Summer Vacation

Children run home
Free to pester Mom
Slumber parties ensue
Where no child slumbers
Refrains of – I’m bored!
Climb to a crescendo as
The days begin to crawl
When does school start?
Relief’s around the corner
Where did I put the aspirin?



                                                                Tea Time


                                              h                Kettle on
                                                 o        I remember tea      M
                                                    t   pouring water into         i
                                                          cups set to steep           l
                                                          stir in sugar and      k



Today’s #somum topic on twitter is the big draw.  I don’t draw.  Yes, sometimes I doodle but it’s not true drawing.  Believe me there are three people in my house who know how to draw.  But I have gotten pretty good at concrete poetry (poems in shape).  So I am sharing a couple old ones for the somum twitter chat.  They are related to the story of mom.  Especially the top one.  Summer break is over, but the Little One is smack dab in the middle of her fall break.

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