October Ae Freslighe

Trees turn vibrant color in
Autumn, on Halloween night
Children are heard hollerin’
Trick or treat, as they glean quite

A lot of candy, fearing
Periodontal disease
Mom and Dad stop spree clearing
Of wrappers, kids go claw trees

No I have not mastered the Ae Freslighe poetry form yet but it is a fun exercise. Here is one I wrote back in April. I read each line had to be seven syllables and follow the rhyming scheme…

Rachael reaches climatic
Feets figuring and teaches
Her class concise didactic
Math measures Rachael reaches

3 thoughts on “October Ae Freslighe

  1. With alliteration. Sorry trying to write poetry and arrange driving pickups. Anyhow I can’t find the article that said each line had to have alliteration as well as seven syllables and rhyme scheme.

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