Birthday Girl Abecedarian

Birthday Girl


Birthday girl

Come out

Delight in

Eleven years

Full of fun

Greet the day


It’s finally here

Jump for joy

Kick up your heels

Let’s celebrate and

Make merry

No frowns


Pouting faces

Quelle Surprise!

React with a


To presents



We wished

XX many more

Years – perhaps eleven



April 4, 2012 The prompt for this besides writing an abecedarian was to use two foreign words/phrases.  I was able to work in three.  My Little One is a huge Doctor Who fan; therefore, the opening phrase was a no brainer.  I think she enjoyed turning 11, because Matt Smith is her favorite doctor.  She just finished reading her fourth Doctor Who media tie-in novel.  I was talking to her about it this morning on the walk to the bus stop.  The one she just finished was about daleks.  She said it ended well not cheesy like the ending of the previous one with the Doctor and Clara visiting the U.S.

Luckily the school’s book fair is this week.  She has already been and has new books to read.  Her birthday – 13! is in ten days maybe it’s a good time to get a 5th tie-in novel.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Girl Abecedarian

  1. Lol – this made me laugh alot! The start in particular (Dr Who – yay!) along with your choice of words for Q and Z. I didn’t feel like any letters were using forced words – it’s perfect 🙂

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