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This summer I haven’t written very much. The other day I wrote a haiku for the #haikuchallenge

Whole in attendance
Phone calls are inaccurate
Cannot seem to fix

As part of journalism class, Gretchen has had to open a twitter account @GsKing_owlfeed. She noticed my haiku the other day. Mom, you said I had a whole in attendance. Yes, kiddo, whole as intact. Somehow I got two phone calls last week stating she missed her first class on two separate days. Both teachers know she was in class, but somehow the attendance system has her marked unexcused absence. We’re working on fixing it, never thought it would be this difficult. The attendance officers seem to be unreachable. Speaking of never – today’s #haikuchallenge word.

Daughter reads haiku
does not like whole attendance
never been absent

On the plus side, no phone call last night. Yay! My daughter was in school. She let me read her first article for the newspaper. Mom was impressed. She is the editor for her section. Articles are due tomorrow, but she needs to edit them first. No one else has given her their piece. I told her, Next time make the due date earlier then it needs to be into the teacher. It’s all a learning curve.


2 thoughts on “Follow Her on Twitter

  1. I love your family stories and thank you so much for sharing. How interesting that there is a system for tracking and that it is working so well. I have just, well on the 13th ordered from US a new book on haiku. Sadly it hasn’t arrived and we are not having much luck re the tracking at the moment. Take care my best to you. And you must be so proud of your girls.

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