Age of Discretion – HELP!

Use own discretion
License gives freedom to drive
Without an adult

Rachael Hosking behind the wheel.

Rachael Hosking behind the wheel.

Okay so she had an adult in the car, but it was her mother who cannot drive. Rachael did very well on her quasi solo drive. She drove me over to the library and then we went to the dollar store and pet store all the while she kept repeating, I don’t know why they gave me a license. I can’t drive. Well I don’t know what to tell you, but we made it to all those places and back home safe and sound, kid. I think her dad did a pretty good job of teaching her how to drive and obviously the proctor at MVD thought so, too.

This past Thursday she got senior class info (rings, announcements, cap and gown) and she filled out her application for ASU. Good grief how did we get here so quickly. She was just born yesterday, right?


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