Piper Poetry Month

Piper_Center Tweet April 3rd

Create poetry
Dance across page
Connect love and loss

The @Piper_Center is also running poetry prompts this month and asked for suggestions. Mine was posted yesterday so of course I had to write another poem. There’s something not quite right with line four. I kept fiddling with it but I’m still not satisfied. But April is about writing poetry. If I figure out a better way to express line four I can go back and edit it later. I love short poetry forms because I hunt and peck at the keyboard but when you are forced to be concise word choice really matters.

Well I’m off to check @LiminalSpaceBot for a photo for the #NaPoWriMo prompt then it’s off to celebrate someone’s 20th! birthday.

Last High School Registration Walk Through

It’s finally here, the last time we will have to go to Gretchen’s school for walk through registration is tomorrow. So this morning I filled out all the paperwork in an attempt to get through the process more quickly. Rachael has been officially added as a pick up person; mom no longer has to go with her if she needs to pick Gretchen up during school hours. 😀 She could have been added last year, but I was in Germany during walk through and apparently Dad was a deer in the headlights. Gretchen is happy Mom is available to go this year.  Mom isn’t these things are a mad house.

Survived Walk Through Registration

Fill out paperwork
Go over everything
Last year of high school

And speaking of madness, I’m currently filling out high school paperwork times two. Because Gretchen needs her health requirement to graduate and it’s incorporated into Agua Fria’s PE class Gretchen cannot take; she needs to take the health portion online. I thought this meant through her school, but no she has to registration as a concurrent student with an online high school for one half credit course! Hopefully once the school year starts, Mom will get some peace again. I have fallen off of weekly updates for the poet blog revival. While we’re on the subject of poetry – Fellowship applications for writers to teach at the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference at the Virginia G. Piper Center at ASU are due Monday July 30th. I know the poetry community in Phoenix would love to see some poetry workshops at the conference. Sorry for the short notice, but I have a link to the website.