#NaPoWriMo 2018 Day Two


Sweet Rose

Sweet rose
Juliet pines
over stranger she met
unaware he hears her below
Love blooms

Sweet rose
shall I compare
her to its soft petals
I reach out unaware of thorns
Love fades


Good morning and welcome to day two of #NaPoWriMo. Shawn finally got the photos he took Saturday night uploaded. Though when I went to go pilfer a few for this post, I realized he had more video than pictures. Yesterday Shawn used the photo of the rose as inspiration for his poem and I complained there was no mention of his lovely wife – Shall I compare thee to a rose? He said, I was trying to work in a Romeo & Juliet angle; rose, second story window, in front of a theater, but alas there is no balcony. Since he failed on that front, I think he should have compared his wife to the rose – her cheeks are as rosy pink. 😉 Except he mentioned something about the thorns.

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Taking a cue from our craft resource, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem that plays with voice. For example, you might try writing a stanza that recounts something in the first-person, followed by a stanza recounting the same incident in the second-person, followed by a stanza that treats the incident from a third-person point of view. Or you might try a poem in the form of a dialogue, which necessarily has two “I” speakers, addressing two “you”s. Another way to go is to take an existing poem of yours or someone else’s, and try rewriting it in a different voice. The point is just to play with who is speaking to who and how. Happy writing!

Love’s in the Air  2018

In the soft light of the night
It’s exciting to see you breathe
In effervescent waves
The rise…
The shudder…
The fall…
Of lungs full of love
Drunk with pollens pleasure

© Shawn Hosking 2018

Personal note – I edited Shawn’s poem. I think he meant breathe but he had breath. Not sure where I was going with my verse today. I played with 3rd pov and then 1st, but it isn’t exactly a rewrite of Shawn’s poem. It’s just what popped in my head this morning after we discussed Shawn’s poem yesterday.