Onward – The Last Video Session

Saturday How Writers Write Poetry posted the last video session. There was no exercise to go with it. Michelle Huneven talked about how to sustain a writing life. Monday rolls around again. The girls have started week two of school. My MOOC is complete and I will be having company arrive next week. I should be cleaning my house. But instead, I’m wasting time on Facebook. Tweetspeak poetry posts on article about haiku – Writing Haiku for a More Resilient You. I don’t really write haiku more like tweetku. Mechanically they are correct 5 7 5, but I usually add the #haikuchallenge word for the day and only post them to twitter and this blog. At least they do get words flowing. Remember I said I like 140 character sound bites.

Saturday the #haikuchallenge word was about. I’ve been reading Slow Sex by Nicole Daedone. She wrote, “Ever wonder why a bland meal magically comes to life with just a pinch of salt?” page 50 She said attention is to sex what salt is to food. It made me think back to the first video session in the poetry course. Robert Hass said poetry is salt – wound.

Wound – pinch of salt adds
Orgasmic meditation
About poetry

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Today the haiku challenge word is put. Of course I had to write something after reading a haiku article.

Monday morning blues

letters put on page give birth

cut into being