Sketching Techniques – Assignment One

I signed up for an online course – How Writers Write Poetry through Iowa University.  The first class was posted today.  Robert Hass talked about how to create lines by looking at the world around you, metaphors and questions.  The assignment is to write a one, two, three or four line poem about your observations.  When he spoke of unusual metaphors, I thought of a conversation I had recently with my youngest.  She was complaining about something and I said, You’ll live till you’re twice married.  She looked at me horrified.  Mom did not want her baby living too long.  Once upon a time my own mother would utter this same phrase to me.  It meant you were going to live a long time, because most people only married once. First three line senryu –

Longevity slips
You’ll live till you’re twice married
How young will death come


I spent some time in the forum reading and commenting on other pieces.  Then I checked twitter.  We can chat there with #heypoets.  I checked the #haikuchallenge word today.  Today’s word is watch. Another poem sketch –

Sketching poetry
How words spill forth ideas
Watch video, write


The course runs through August 9th.  It should be interesting minus my break to shuffle off to Buffalo.  We set up tours for Alfred University (equine center was a plus for my smarty pants) and Cornell.  Yes, my future vet sets her sights high.