Wigs for Kids

Back in November, we went to Great Clips for haircuts and Rachael cut it all off to donate to Wigs for Kids. Silver Birch Press is publishing a series about hair, and I realized I haven’t shown off Rachael’s new do. Keep in mind, this girl was born with a full head of hair. She was given her first haircut at 4 months. Also she has never color or permed her hair for that matter it hasn’t been touch by a curling iron/straightener or blow dryer either. She really did have thick, natural, virgin hair.


Combing out the long hair


Hair set aside to donate






















Long hair
split into ponytails
wigs for kids made with scissor snip
great cause

Check out all the great hair poems on the Silver Birch Press Blog.




Oktoberfest Fun

The Wigwam Resort had its annual Oktoberfest yesterday. Yes, I know it’s still September but hey with a maiden name of Heintz, who am I to complain they’re early. I brought my copy of The Great Gatsby Anthology. Since it is the last weekend of summer, I thought it would be a good time and place to get photos to promote the book.

Horsing around at Oktoberfest

Horsing around at Oktoberfest

Shawn and I invited his mom to come with us. We enjoyed German food, beer and music. As we were looking at the menu, Kathy started to explain the food items. Umm… did you forget your daughter-in-law is German? While we were listening to the band play, I said we should have brought Gretchen and put her German learning to good use. But we all figured she’d complain she doesn’t know enough to translate. Then I realized Shawn and I were married October 12th. Someday we are going to have to have the girl accompany us to Germany for a real Oktoberfest.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

I checked my page stats before writing this post. So far one view today – 18th Anniversary Limerick. It’s getting about time to work on the one for 19 years.

The Great Gatsby Anthology

Fitzgerald’s birthday
celebrate literature
entire book free

Thursday September 24th is Fitzgerald’s 119th birthday and Silver Birch Press will be offering the kindle edition of The Great Gatsby Anthology for free.

As part of the celebration, on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, we will give away the Kindle version of The Great Gatsby Anthology (to everyone!). It will be free on Amazon! Tell your friends. (We would love some additional Amazon reviews!) Silver Birch Press

Great Gatsby Anthology Cover

Great Gatsby Anthology Cover

Strange New Worlds

I’ve always enjoyed writing. Way back when (1988) I won honorable mention for a story I wrote and submitted to a contest held by OWL magazine. My prize an autographed copy of Animalia by Graeme Base. So cool I still have the book in my library. But after that I stopped submitting pieces to editors and/or contests. Then I picked up the first volume of Strange New Worlds. The editors over at pocket books opened up a writing contest to Star Trek fans and they published the winning stories in an anthology!

No I did not start submitting stories right away. I was busy mothering a baby girl and then a second one came along. But in 2002 when I had one off in pre-k and getting bored at only being a stay-at-home mom, you guessed it. I was going to give writing and submitting to actual editors a go. I found a SNW (Strange New Worlds) writing critique group online. Filled with want to be, current and previous writers of the anthology. One of those writers was Dayton Ward.

I never made it into the Strange New Worlds anthology. But the first year I submitted, I also submitted a creative nonfiction story to a different anthology. To my amazement, joy and a little disbelief, I sold my first story! I continued to submit to Strange New Worlds while it was open. I made the second read pile often, but the best part of my Trek geekiness was the other writers I met in the critique group. Obviously I moved on, and began writing what I know. Who would have thought the advice Beverly Cleary gave in Dear Mr. Henshaw would prove to work. I still kept in touch with Dayton. I even sent him the lecture notes Rachael’s teacher gave his class the last day of school a year ago. My geekiness rubbed off well, because when the teacher asked the name of the ship capable of warp 5, Rachael raised her hand, Enterprise.

She recognized the Star Trek universe. The rest of the class… when she was told correct, the class thought the teacher was giving a real history lesson the last day of school. Yes, the subject was history. 😉 never mind the dates on the board haven’t even arrived yet.

Meeting Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

Meeting Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

When I heard Dayton was going to be in Phoenix for the Leprecon, of course I got tickets. Gretchen was excited to meet a real life author. Hello, mom is chopped liver. She even asked if there would be paparazzi following him. The girl met John Barrowman last year sans paparazzi still I was happy she put writers on a pedestal higher than actors. As you can see above, I brought my own paparazzi (aka my hubby). He posted the release of The Great Gatsby Anthology on his Facebook wall and now people want signed copies. Yes, definitely feeling like chopped liver here. Gretchen met a real life author and didn’t have a thing to ask. She is taking after her mother, starting off writing fan fiction. Shhh… I probably already said too much.

Summer Break

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Summer break is almost at the midway point here. Rachael only has one more week left of her summer course. Next weekend we will be headed to Leprecon 41. I know I said Gretchen and I would be sitting on our hands until July when we finally get to go out of town, but I’ve been quite busy with my day job. Lots to do as a stay-at-home mom when  children are home all day. Plus I’ve been proofing pages for The Great Gatsby Anthology. The first one to have a poem by me and my husband. Silver Birch Press has been sending emails for checks and rechecks. And my hubby is amazed at the work involved (not to mention it was almost a year ago since submissions were sent) he is also amazed at the time involved with publishing. I told him, imagine proofing an entire book not just your contribution. Also Silver Birch Press has been publishing some great poetry/photography series in the meantime. I have enjoyed working with them since they published my first piece last July.

Great Gatsby Anthology Cover

Great Gatsby Anthology Cover

June turns to July
Words whisper left unwritten
Caught on summer break