Taken for Granted

The day before
Thanksgiving we lost someone dear
The day before
Life progressed without underscore
Taking for granted our time here
Moments slipped by without revere
The day before


Shawn and Scott Hosking May 2012

RIP – Scott Hosking
August 24,1975
November 27, 2013


Rondelets – The Wednesday Wars

Holling Hoodhood
is not Jewish or Catholic he’s
Holling Hoodhood
and is often misunderstood
on Wednesdays he tries to appease
his teacher but by June he sees
Holling Hoodhood

my teacher, Mrs. Baker, plans
schemes, leaving me precarious
every Wednesday I’m in her hands
am I the only one who pans

“Doug Swieteck’s brother wouldn’t even come near me, and I would foil Mrs. Baker’s nefarious plan.” The Wednesday Wars Gary D. Schmidt p. 13

I bought The Wednesday Wars for my little one. She began 7th grade this year and her home room/English teacher is Mrs. Baker. One of her vocabulary words happens to be nefarious. She pointed it out to me while we were reading the book together.