Portrait for Spring


Spring Sunset Avondale, AZ

Could I draw a self-portrait
of someone I’m not?
It’s hard to imagine

Staring out the bedroom
window as a hummingbird
sips from the aloe bud
thoughts drift…

How long is spring?
Is the sun still rising
or has it begun to set?


Cold December Days

Cold being relative but highs in the 60s is cold to me – though we have gotten into the low 70s on some days. It’s been slow moving most mornings. We had a nice Thanksgiving. Shawn’s Aunt and Uncle were in town and so was one of his cousins and his family; so our long weekend was spent hanging out with family. I started taking pictures of the sunset from by bedroom window. Our bedroom is in the front of the house and the window faces southwest which is perfect for sunset pictures.

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Attempt to capture
view of deluxe sunsets I
see every day.

Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry challenge N0.114

12/11/18: Try & Life

I also used today’s #haikuchallenge word – deluxe


Young couple engaged
waiting for better option
grow old together

The first picture of Shawn and me was taken in April of 1992 after we got engaged and the picture next to it is us on Thanksgiving this year. The haiku is the weirdness that follows after watching The Lobster over the weekend. Sunday’s #haikuchallenge word was option which I feel could work as a synonym for try and the combination of young and old works for life, right?

Bonus Beer Poem


Classy photo taken



At the wedding over the weekend, Shawn took pictures of the floral arrangement and my beer can. And a couple years ago, I took a picture of the Litchfield Oktoberfest beer candle with a copy of The Great Gatsby Anthology. Bonus – Gretchen is currently reading The Great Gatsby in AP English.

My friend, Benita, wrote her big small poem today adding the word beer as a nod to the poet interviewed over at napowrimo.net, and I remembered Shawn took a photo of my beer at the wedding – Isn’t he classy?

Catitude Art Gallery


JW Montgomery’s photo equipment

Artist reception at Catitude
features J.W. Montgomery
photographs taken with film
hike miles holding heavy
cameras to get
the perfect shot
then spend hours
in dark

Last night Shawn and I attended the artist reception at Catitude. It was a nice evening to enjoy their garden. JW Montgomery’s son, Dr. Buck, was there regaling the audience with the stories behind his father’s photos. Shawn took the photo of the equipment.