National Grammar Day

Prevent fit of pique
(or peak or maybe peek)
It’s national grammar day
Tip your editor

I do too much editing free of charge. Yesterday I was editing yet another page for oldest daughter’s Eng 102 class. She wrote about learning to ride her bike only she kept ridding her bike. I explained how one d makes it riding – long i. Two d(s) makes it ridding – short i. Then she had written; I peaked around the corner. Um that’s peeked, kiddo.

Yeah, peaked.

No it’s peaked, reaching a height or peeked, looking around or piqued, interesting someone. No I did not think of in a fit of pique.

Rachael: You mean it’s like to, too and two? I thought they were all spelled the same.

Welcome to the English language where spelling is changed but pronunciation remains the same. She complained it took her long enough to figure out they’re, their and there. Well fortunately the trio of peaks are not used as frequently. It shouldn’t be a problem often.

Then she wanted a title. I shrugged, Forgoing Training Wheels. She went with it. Typed it up as I just did and asked if it was right. I said google it because there is also foregoing and I never know which is correct. She was going to change it, but I said. No you were right. Forgo is to omit; forego is to precede. You wrote about removing your training wheels, forgoing. Yes, we were going in circles yesterday. Too bad we didn’t have these homophone problems today. Since it is national grammar day, I think I deserve a tip. Tip is the #haikuchallenge word today. I used the above poem without the second line as my haiku.