Hello and welcome to February, the shortest month of the year so it makes sense to have it also be the month to write short poetry forms. I wrote and submitted my three haiku to the azmatsuri haiku contest. I did not make it into last year’s ebook; we’ll see if I fare better this year. Over the weekend Shawn and I took another overnight camping trip at the White Tank Mountains Regional Park.

Camping Selfie 2021

Take sunset selfie
Going for pandemic look
Did I pull it off?

Sunset February 6, 2021

Camp out overnight
Breathtaking desert vista
Looks picture perfect

Resting on Mesquite Trail White Tank Regional Park

View stretches for miles
Yet, it is never enough
to see the future

Morning exercise
How long have we been hiking
Time to sit and rest

According to my husband I was sitting on a corner in Waddell, Arizona. I told him, I’m quite sure I’m in the wrong song (and town) 😉

This weekend is the opening of the Exotic show at the Alwun House and of course Valentine’s day. Last year, Shawn took the day off for the show opening and we spent the afternoon in downtown Phoenix. Close to our last outing together before the shutdown.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Downtown Phoenix

How long has it been
Since we could go out maskless
Feels like a lifetime

Happy Birthday, Old Man


Happy 45! Shawn and me at PF Chang’s Goodyear AZ


Time stops for no man
Birthday marks another year
Succeeding at life


The above photo was taken last year so the old man 😉 is now 46. The #haikuchallenge word today is time so it works out well to finish #NaHaiWriMo with a birthday poem. And I have successfully written at least one haiku-esque poem a day. 😀

This was not the first time I used the #haikuchallenge to write Shawn’s birthday poem. A couple years ago, I even included photos from the Exotic Show at the Alwun House.

#Tanka Tuesday – Senryu


Bicycle race

Learn to ride a bike
Invigorating moment
Free to venture far


Last night Gretchen and I worked on bike haiku together (more just line and syllable count than traditional haiku). She needed to write poetry for her psychology class. She said she tried to compose a sonnet, but it was too difficult. Yeah, tell me about it. I told her to write a haiku after all it is #NaHaiWriMo (national haiku write month). Her teacher said they would have to write more than one haiku if they chose haiku because it was too easy. Easy?! Has he ever written a haiku? I shouldn’t complain; we had mother daughter bonding time writing poetry.

Then this morning I see the #haikuchallenge word today is sad and I was still thinking of the bicycle haiku and wrote –

Child’s happy moment
First time taking off on bike
Parent somewhat sad

Everyone should keep in mind, my children accomplished something their mother never did – one needs balance to ride a bike and because of my cerebral palsy balance is something I don’t have and I never learned how to ride.

The first senryu was inspired by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday No. 73. After reading the responses of a couple other poets I follow on WordPress, I decided to give this week’s challenge a try – the words this week are energy and knowledge.

Phoenix Garden

Garden at Cosanti in Phoenix, AZ

Empty chairs preserve
memory of those we’ve lost
okay to feel sad

Another #haikuchallenge poem to honor Leonard Nimoy.

Tomorrow is the last day of February and Shawn’s birthday. I really should get on writing his birthday poem. Has everyone been keeping up with #NaHaiWriMo? One more day to go.


AZ Matsuri Festival


2018 haiku ebook page 65

The AZ Matsuri festival is this weekend. They have been running a haiku contest to coincide with the festival the past four years. I have submitted every year and check out the ebooks when they become available. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my haiku included among the honorable mentions. This page will let you download and view all of the ebooks. Reading all the wonderful haiku is a great way to celebrate #NaHaiWriMo at the end of each book are the Japanese haiku. Shawn asked me if they were traditional nature, mora, kigo and kireji. I know the English haiku only had to be about AZ nature, but since I don’t read Japanese, I don’t know how traditional they are.

I hope everyone goes over to the AZ Matsuri website and downloads at least one of the ebooks. And any AZ residents, I hope to see your haiku and name in next year’s book. I’ve shared the submitting info every year, but I have yet to see a name and/or school I know. Well not exactly there are haiku by ASU students, but since Rachael is a biology major I haven’t asked her if she recognizes the authors.

One Year Later – Nasty Women Poetry Reading


Reading order last night

After long first year
eclectic voices speak out
how we will survive


Last night the Nasty Women Phoenix poetry reading invited the women who read last year to come back and give their perspective on how the year went. It was not as well attended as last year’s reading, but this meant I actually could sit through it. I told Shawn I didn’t think it was as long as last year’s reading, being able to sit down may have been helpful. I’m not suppose to stand for too long. And almost all the poets returned to read again except one who moved out of state.

Shawn had a couple of his photos bought in support of Planned Parenthood. His mother’s art piece was still there. Shawn took my picture by it, but it’s still on his phone. Maybe I will share it here later.

I found out yesterday that February has been national haiku write month (NaHaiWriMo) for quite a few years as haiku is a short poetry form and February is the shortest month of the year. Today’s #haikuchallenge word on twitter is after. I’ve been pretty good at writing at least one a day so far this year. I’ve missed a couple, but I’ve written more than one some days. I also have been writing other poems, both haiku and other forms, for submissions. Here is a place to submit traditional (as in about nature not necessarily syllable count) haiku on AZ nature. Sorry it is only open to AZ residents and closes on February 9th. My AZ poet friends should have time to write something. Happy haikuing!