Monday Morning Silence

My house overflows with high tech devices, we have officially entered the 21st century.
A few years ago my husband had said, Why keep up with the Jones?
Now my house is a minefield littered with iPods, iPads, and iPhones aplenty.
Oh how I miss the days when it was quiet and still
And I was not tethered to electronics, tracking my every move
The quiet of old pierced with pings in every trill.
Why keep up with the Jones, he had said.
I saw no reason to argue his point
Now there is no rest in bed.
Could someone please tell me why
The world feels they must
be on a tie?
Leave me alone
Turn off
It’s past 9AM on a Monday and all is silent in my house. Everyone except me is still in bed. Yes, I was awakened by the phone. But it happened to be the landline. Now I’m enjoying my peace and quiet with a cup of coffee.