Bonus Sijo #NaPoWriMo 2021

Smart Refrigerator

New fangled technology is supposed to make life easier
with less hassle
Putting away groceries, my new fridge beeps reminding me
the door is open
Let’s play a game –
one of these things is not like the others

Commander Riker keeping an eye on the macaroons

Okay I may not have the true theme for sijo down, but I am having fun. Yesterday evening Shawn sent a text – I see macaroons have been added to the fridge. Yes folks, the damn new smart refrigerator comes with cameras you can access far away from home. So Gretchen wanted to play a trick on dad. She really wanted to take a picture of her hand flipping dad the bird, but the cameras take still shots and we didn’t test to see if they’d work with the door ajar. Well a few years ago Shawn bought me a Commander Riker action figure and I knew he could fit in the fridge. Gretchen had to pose him looking over the macaroons. Then we snapped a picture and told Shawn he may have to fight Riker for his cookie.

Then this morning after Shawn and Gretchen returned from the store, I was putting away groceries and the fridge started beeping at me. Yes, I know the door is open, I’m putting away food. I think we’re going to have way too much fun with all the new bells and whistles that came with the fridge. 😉 FYI this fridge replaced our original fridge we bought with the house. After having the same fridge for 21 years, we’re all a little enamored with the new toy.