#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Eleven

The book that began my love for reading

Fear of rejection
Keeps my pen frozen in place
Will anyone read?


A future author

Readers are fickle
A nuisance asking advice
Just write what you know


An annoyed author

NaPoWriMo Prompt And now for our (optional) prompt. This is a twist on a prompt offered by Kay Gabriel during a meeting she facilitated at the Poetry Project last year. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a two-part poem, in the form of an exchange of letters. The first stanza (or part) should be in the form of a letter that you write either to yourself or to a famous fictional or historical person. The second part should be the letter you receive in response. These can be as short or long as you like, in the form of prose poems, or with line breaks – and of course, the subject matter of the letters is totally up to you.

Good afternoon and welcome to day eleven of #NaPoWriMo where I procrastinated with housework this morning and then slapped together two short poems as letters. I couldn’t figure out who I wanted to write and then remembered tomorrow is DEAR day – the first since Beverly Cleary passed away earlier this year. And Dear Mr. Henshaw is one of my favorite books. I think the author response would be more Henshaw than Cleary but either way it works for the prompt.

Exercise 11 – Looking Outward

Dear poet,

How can I relate

My mind a jumbled blank slate

Words fall apart as

I struggle

Trying to create

Perfection an elusive

Absurd state


Here I sit to write

Letters link together bite

Press upon me and

Come to bear

Sincerely contrite

Will transparency help or


Exercise 11 for How Writers Write Poetry was to write either an epistolary poem or a poem where each noun starts with the same letter. Years ago I wrote a senryu with the letter P.

People promenade
Past pesky proprietors
Purchasing parcels

I wanted to try something different. Right now my mind is a jumbled mess. We are in the last week of the poetry course. I’ve been back from Buffalo for over a week now and I’m busy trying to prep for school starting tomorrow! I did get the opportunity to purchase the Half New Year anthology from Silver Birch Press. Please check it out. There are some wonderful poets and poetry inside.