NaPoWriMo Day 16


Paper airplanes flown
into fire. Private words burn
turn to ash are blown

away. Unconcern
they are never to be read
kept private, words burn

Written secrets shed
lifelong yearnings, up in smoke
never to be read

Paper meant to stoke
the fire’s flame does not inspire
yearnings up in smoke

Unknown desire
set free without rejection
flame does not inspire

Her quiet introspection
set free without rejection.
Paper airplanes flown
turn to ash are blown ~

Private words burn

Private words burn

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now for our (as always, optional) prompt! Today, I challenge you to write in the form known as the terzanelle. A hybrid of the villanelle and terza rima, terzanelles consist of five three-line stanzas and a concluding quatrain. Lines and rhymes are chained throughout the poem, so that the middle line of each triplet is repeated as the last line of the following triplet (or, for the last triplet, in the concluding quatrain).

I modified the three line stanzas into haiku the rhyme remained the same even though the line was altered from seven to five syllables. The idea came when I saw one of my haiku was included in @itsWanda NaPoWriMo per diem under day 13. Not sure if expanding it into a terzanelle really works but it was an interesting exercise.

I got rid of my houseguests. My mother-in-law was able to close on the house yesterday. One reason I was able to play around with this prompt even more today. We will probably be over there this weekend to help her move the items put in storage when she came up at Thanksgiving and of course the lowly washing machine sitting useless in my living room still. Today they are unpacking the trucks driven over last weekend. Happy something is swinging in the right direction.


Attempt Two

Contemplating Paradelle

Isolated and alone, I sit in my room
Isolated and alone, I sit in my room
Who dares to approach me, contemplating poetry
Who dares to approach me, contemplating poetry
My room dares contemplating who I alone
approach poetry and to sit isolated in me

Creating a masterpiece
Creating a masterpiece
I check and recheck form
I check and recheck form
Recheck masterpiece creating
A form and I check

All is naught for my first attempt
All is naught for my first attempt
Erase last stanza, start again
Erase last stanza, start again
Start last attempt for is naught
All again erase my stanza first

I start again creating poetry for
All alone I sit and recheck first and last
Who again dares to attempt contemplating
Isolated a stanza is to form
My masterpiece check start
Erase room in naught

I was looking over my first attempt at the paradelle, Saturday and I realized my last stanza did not follow form. Oh well, I like how it came out and making a mistake just meant I was going to give this form another go. I think this one follows form, but if anyone notices anything amiss, let me know. Or just comment on what you think about this poem and/or form.

Playing Catch Up

I’ve been visiting family back in Buffalo, NY the past two weeks. It was just me and the girls. My husband stayed home alone for two whole weeks. I knew I would have catch up chores to do, but I thought he would do some cleaning. His excuse, I made sure the animals didn’t die.

We got in at 9am yesterday and the first thing I decided to do was tackle the vacuuming. While I was doing this, the little one came up to me and asked what the date was – July 24th why? I knew it; the milk says July 21. She drank most of a glass until she noticed chunks in the bottom. Ewww… After I vacuumed, I cleaned the cat litter and noticed the toilet was not cleaned in two weeks either. We have hard water build up. I scrubbed but it was not completely coming off. I usually clean my toilet twice a week to help keep the hard water stain in check. I put some white vinegar in the bowl to sit over night. It looks better, but it’s still going to need more scrubbing. I was worn out from travel and cleaning so we only did soup for dinner. Then I went to watch the 6pm news. By 6:30 I was snoring and didn’t wake up until 7 this morning.

Today I’m working on more cleaning and catching up with the lessons at How Writers Write Poetry. Yesterday Rachael brought her suitcase into my room. I thanked her for bringing my suitcase over before I noticed it was the wrong one. Then I noticed she was unpacked already! She brought it to me to put away. This morning I unpacked my suitcase and Dad was able to put two of them away before heading to work. Then I worked on bills. I paid everything that came in before we left and told hubby he shouldn’t have to pay anything unless something comes in I’m not aware of. Well doctor bills came in and were due July 22. Hubby said, I told you they came in. I said, And you didn’t notice the due date? Oh well if he was on vacation with us, the bills would be late anyhow. A few days won’t hurt anyone.

Exercise 4 – Mindful Poetry

I actually did this poem before leaving on vacation, but did not have an opportunity to post it.


Escape within
living with cerebral palsy
Escape within
writing poetry I begin
to lose constraints my mind is free
words give me possibility
Escape within

I’ve watched the video lessons for Meter and Containing Multitudes this morning. I enjoy working with meter. I write a tweetku for the #haikuchallenge on twitter as often as I can. Because I’ve been out of the writing swing for a couple weeks. I went over to see what the haiku challenge word was today, left. I wrote a senryu but so far that is the extent of my poetry writing today.

Poetry seeps out
CP affects my right side
Left handed, I write

And my dryer just called me so I’m off to switch the laundry over.

Building a Poem – Assignment Three

Time and Tide

Feet in the sand
Keep me anchored to who I am
Feet in the sand
My world flipped upside down unplanned
Reality rolled out to slam
Me against what was: my heart swam
Feet in the sand

Feet in the sand
Timid to cross liminal space
Feet in the sand
Dig deep, steadfast I understand
Change an inevitable chase
Tide waits for no one to embrace
Feet in the sand

The third video presentation in How Writers Write Poetry – Building a Poem. Daniel Khalastchi talked about image, metaphor, rhyme and lines to build your poem. He also, briefly, mentioned form. I began with a rondelet so my structure was pretty set. Though Khalastchi did talk about breaking form as Srikanth Reddy did in “Sonnet”. And I may do this in another workshop depending on the feedback I get from this assignment.