#NaPoWriMo Poetic Inspiration

Merry Go Round

In search of poetic inspiration, I found
A hexameter line has six feet to spellbound
Will readers climb onboard this strange merry go round
Or am I just a fool to think my words are sound?

NaPoWriMo Prompt – Today’s optional prompt asks you, like Alice Notley, to think about your own inspirations and forebears (whether literary or otherwise). Specifically, I challenge you today to write a poem that deals with the poems, poets, and other people who inspired you to write poems. These could be poems/poets/poepl that you strive to be like, or even poems, poets, and people that you strive not to be like. There are as many ways to go with this prompt as there are ways to be inspired.

Good morning readers and welcome to day fourteen of NaPoWriMo where we contemplate the inspiration that convinced us to take this thirty day journey. Mine began back in 2010 but I skipped 2011 between working as a poetry editor and flying back to Buffalo that April, it seemed to be a stretch to also write my own poetry. But after that one year break, I did pretty well on the napowrimo front. And in 2013 I actually started submitting my own work to be published.

Then last year inspiration started to wane. When I posted my poem yesterday, WordPress informed me I made my 500 post! Wow I started this blog back in the summer of 2013; it only took close to 7 years to make the 500th post. Most days when I feel uninspired, I go on twitter and see what the #haikuchallenge word is until napowrimo started up this year I haven’t even kept up my haiku tweets. Today’s word is hello so I wrote this –

When you say hello
keep at least six feet away
a hexameter

And then I thought, well since I looked up hexameter to see what the poetic term for six feet is, I might as well try to write something in a hexameter. Don’t blame me if you think it’s a disaster; I put words down on the screen and that’s what counts.

Wax poetically
A single word or person
Sparks inspiration