Haiku in October

Celebrate our love
Frolic late into the night
Rainy Saturday

Since our anniversary fell on a Wednesday, Shawn and I did not go out to dinner until the weekend. I’ve been wanting to check out Barrio Queen in Avondale for a while and we finally had a good excuse. Then we went over to a friend’s house for a combined birthday and anniversary celebration.

Barrio Queen Avondale Oct 15, 2022
Toast – Salud Oct 15, 2022

This week one of my haiku is included in the Haiku Pea podcast – S5E20 In Depth. Thanks to Patricia for her continued hard work, sharing her love and knowledge of haiku.

My loyal readers will notice I wrote about the palo verde again. I do love how every April the green tree blooms yellow flowers of course the clean up is not so fun.


#NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Nineteen

Look Forward to Spring

Look at the falling snow
Grass has no chance to grow
The only things certain
in life are death and taxes
April turns bitter cold
Winter keeps a tight hold
Spring begins to shorten
How does eighty-one look?

NaPoWriMo PromptAnd now for our daily (optional) prompt! Today’s challenge is to write a poem that starts with a command. It could be as uncomplicated as “Look,” as plaintive as “Come back,” or as silly as “Don’t you even think about putting that hot sauce in your hair.” Whatever command you choose, I hope you have fun ordering your readers around.

Good afternoon and welcome to day nineteen of napowrimo aka my dad’s birthday. And no it’s not snowing in Phoenix. One of the reasons I moved out here, but I hear the east coast is dealing with a snowstorm. Ugh! Snow in April. No thank you. I’d much rather deal with the high of 97 we are supposed to reach today.

Anyway since my dad is eighty-one today, I thought an eight line poem would be fun. I took inspiration from here not sure I followed it exactly but it was an interesting exercise and I did start the poem with a command even if it is one I may never follow again.

Thank you for reading my contribution today. Apparently I need to go and proofread a couple end of term papers, now. Patricia has uploaded the show notes to yesterday’s podcast, so if anyone is interested in reading those while they listen you can click here and scroll down to the show notes link or the PDF version if you prefer.

#NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Eighteen

I beg your pardon

Inspiration wanes
in April poetry begs
me to write daily

Always reply, I
decline for secret reasons
make them beg for why
(borrowed from E.B. White)

Kiss me once, twice, thrice
Write poetry of our love
Beg for more romance

Another Monday
writing poetry in bed
chores beg to be done

Need one more answer
Laundry remains in dryer
Begs for attention

NaPoWriMo PromptLast but not least, here is today’s prompt (optional, as always). It’s based on Faisal Mohyuddin’s poem “Five Answers to the Same Question.” Today, I’d like to challenge you to write your own poem that provides five answers to the same question – without ever specifically identifying the question that is being answered.

Good afternoon and welcome to day eighteen of napowrimo. I took the #haikuchallenge word for today, beg and wrote five haikuesque answers. As an extra bonus today here is a link to the haiku pea podcast. Today’s episode is punctuation.

Chance to catch your breath;
Before drowning

As my long time readers know, my family has been affected by suicide. I learned about the semicolon project several years ago. World semicolon day was Saturday April 16. But always remember there is more to your story. Semicolons Important Punctuation. Thank you for taking the time to read my contribution today. I appreciate all my readers.