Arizona Statehood – 106 years


Ferris Wheel at Block Party

Stand in line to ride
on top of the Ferris wheel
Spectacular view

Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912 and to celebrate the centennial the cities of Avondale and Goodyear had a parade back in 2012. Every year since then, the two cities have celebrated AZ statehood over at EMCC. Yesterday they had a festival at night; the past years it has been held during the day.

It’s been a pretty hectic week here last week. Gretchen is still doing the after school program to see Hamilton. Then on Tuesday, Shawn told me tomorrow’s going to be a long day. He failed to inform me he was flying out to California Wednesday to attend the machine show. He and Rachael were up at 4am, because she still carpooled over to ASU with Dad. He dropped her off at school was at the airport by 6am; spent the day in CA; then flew back. The two of them didn’t get home until midnight. On Friday Rachael got up early to go shadow the vet on surgery day. She was able to watch 4 surgeries: 1 bladder stone removal, 1 spay or neuter (I can’t remember), and 2 dentals. Friday was the opening night of the Exotic Show over at Alwun house. Shawn took off from work. Another thing he failed to mention. Once I learned he wasn’t going in to work and with Gretchen at school and Rachael at the vet office, I declared a lunch date.

Shawn and I went to Apple Bee’s Friday for lunch. Then the girls and I had Subway for dinner. Rachael was happy the next day was Saturday so she could sleep in. Hold the phone, Gretchen has to get to school. What? What about Dad? Well that silly man after staying out til 1am at the Exotic Show got up bright and early for the nurse’s book sale Saturday morning. But Rachael wasn’t going to have it; she works early on Sunday so Saturday would be the only day for her to sleep in for the week. She bribed Gretchen into riding her bike to EMCC. Then Gretchen got an email informing them about the street closure. She was all confused until I told her she could take her usual route to school. They are closing the street to cars not pedestrians.

Gretchen biked to and from school Saturday morning and saw the set up for the block party. At 6PM I asked the girls if they wanted to go with us, Rachael was onboard; Gretchen was a little hesitant until she remembered seeing the Ferris wheel, so everyone was off to the block party. Found out the reason Rachael wanted to go was because she was hungry. We hit the food vendors first, then got in line to ride the Ferris wheel. Glad we got in line when we did; it just kept getting longer. Gretchen wanted to know if we could eat on the ride. I assured her if she still had food, I would hold it. I wasn’t going on that thing. Mom doesn’t do rides or heights. Gretchen didn’t think I could hold all the food, but I told her, Rachael’s not going to have anything left to hold by the time we get to the front. And I was pretty sure I’d be done with mine as well, so only Gretchen’s burrito had to be watched.

Spectacular view

Celebrate Arizona statehood
at Culture Pop Block Party

Eating tamales and burritos
while standing in line
to ride the Ferris wheel

On the poetry front, I’ve written a haiku everyday since finding out it is nahaiwrimo. Today’s #haikuchallenge word on twitter is top. Good news first I received a couple acceptances for my haiku but with all the submitting I have also gotten some rejections. My poem for the Arizona panels during NaPoWriMo (April) was one of the rejections. Today I’m busy writing poetry while doing laundry. Last weekend I fiddled with a couple haiku on laundry.

After washer stops
I sit twiddling my thumbs
Dryer’s not finished

Only to check on the dryer to notice it wasn’t heating up. It’s been on awhile today, so I should check it, switching cycles last week did the trick, but we may need a new heating element – fun wow.