April Quickly Approaching

Let’s take a look back to 2014. NaPoWriMo Day Seven See the Riker action figure sitting on my desk? And the lovely orange wall behind him (yes, the wall looks yellow in the picture). Well last Friday after I posted my poem about our new water system, I went to sit at the desk to work on the computer some more. But I was stopped in my tracks when I noticed a pool of water under the desk. This is what the same spot looked like over this past weekend.


What happens after writing about a trickle. Water decides to pour. 😦

The connection from the main water pipe to the pipe in the attic leaked. Water was pouring down the side of my house and into the bedroom. I called Parker and Sons. They got a plumber out Friday afternoon who determined it was their problem; fixed the connection and called the restoration company. The fans and dehumidifier were running all weekend. My mother-in-law hosted Easter dinner at her house; we did get away from the noise for a little while. This morning the Dry Force guy came; took readings, and YES! everything is dried out so the fans are gone.

Industrial fans
hum nonstop – my sanity
called into question

Friday night, Shawn and I escaped the noise, too. We went to a poetry reading at 9 the Gallery in Phoenix – Ms. X’s Ocean (April 2016) the poetry of Elizabeth McNeil. The poetess challenged the audience to write a poem for murmuration – here it goes.


flock of birds
in sync
hypnotic flight

This is a play on Teacup Dictionary Poem.