Age of Discretion – HELP!

Use own discretion
License gives freedom to drive
Without an adult

Rachael Hosking behind the wheel.

Rachael Hosking behind the wheel.

Okay so she had an adult in the car, but it was her mother who cannot drive. Rachael did very well on her quasi solo drive. She drove me over to the library and then we went to the dollar store and pet store all the while she kept repeating, I don’t know why they gave me a license. I can’t drive. Well I don’t know what to tell you, but we made it to all those places and back home safe and sound, kid. I think her dad did a pretty good job of teaching her how to drive and obviously the proctor at MVD thought so, too.

This past Thursday she got senior class info (rings, announcements, cap and gown) and she filled out her application for ASU. Good grief how did we get here so quickly. She was just born yesterday, right?


Happy Bad Poetry Day

Two licensed drivers
in my house now, and yet I’m
still stuck bumming rides.

Yesterday was a busy AND successful day. Because Rachael only has one class (plus vet science) until college courses start on the 24th, she decided it was time to bite the bullet and take her road test. She got her permit July 9, 2014 and didn’t feel confident enough for the road test. You know you have a great friend when she drives you and your mother over to the MVD to renew your permit. So permit was renewed before our trip to California and we got to see the new Terminator movie that day.

Once we got back from California, Rachael practiced more driving, but didn’t get much done parallel parking. She wanted to take the road test August 4th before school started, but panicked. Finally this past weekend with triple digit record temps, Rachael and dad spent plenty of time parallel parking.

August heat record
mercury’s rise in reply
tired of melting

And after I heard word she passed and we were celebrating with Pei Wei, I was shocked to see dad pulling into the driveway. It seems she was done driving for the day, the road test was nerve wracking enough. Plus she had vet science in the afternoon, so mom and Gretchen still needed to bum a ride for the orthodontist.  We walked over and Nonnie was able to pick us up after work and bring us home.

Behind driver’s wheel
Proctor sits in passenger seat
Press on gas and peel

Doctor Who – Haiku

Fractured across time
Souffle girl battles daleks
Doctor Who escapes

Dalek at the Phoenix ComiCon.

Dalek at the Phoenix ComiCon.

Netflix finally updated Doctor Who – though a little girl I know has been using iTunes gift cards to stay up to date on her Doctor Who.  Also we visited Nonnie at Christmas and were able to see the 50th anniversary episode and Matt Smith’s farewell there.  And right now, Nonnie is about an hour away and I’m writing #haikuchallenge haiku instead of the last minute tidying I should be doing.  I did get a lot of cleaning done yesterday.  Dad and Rachael went off to work.  I told Gretchen we’d be cleaning.  Well Mom cleaned and let Gretchen sleep in.  When I did go into her room to wake her up, I got a big hug.  Apparently she had a dream I died and she was very happy to see me.  Love getting hugs from 13 year olds. 😉

Then when Dad and Rachael got home, Dad was all excited to show me a video of Rachael in a car. By his excitement, I thought she was behind the wheel. No she was the passenger. Why was this so exciting? Yeah I’m not a car aficionado. Dad made a comic with his 280Z complaining about how I keep calling it a her. His new baby is a guy apparently but he treats it like a mistress, in my opinion, so I’m sticking with female references. 😛

Car – Acrostic Haiku


Caress clutch and gas
Accelerate down driveway
Road quickens your pulse



It’s been three weeks since I’ve written any poetry.  I decided it was time to get off my lazy butt and write again.  The Wednesday Poetry Prompt at Writer’s Digest was to write about an object.  I realized car was three letters to make it an acrostic, it would have three lines so I decided to write a haiku acrostic about my hubby’s new toy – 1978 Datsun 280Z.  He bought a manual even though he never learned to drive a standard transmission. What am I going to do with that man?

He is teaching himself how to drive his new toy.  In the meantime, a certain 16 year old young lady needs to get a permit.  I just said goodbye to my hubby; he is off to work.  He is taking the 280Z.  I asked him if he was seriously going to take it on the highway.  He said, You have to start at some point.  I replied, O boy! I hope he knows what he is doing.