#NaPoWriMo Dream Talk at Dinner


Gretchen Hosking in the Backyard

Middle of the street
Call out Jennifer Lawrence
Mystique walks away

NaPoWriMo Prompt – Our prompt for the day (optional as always) takes its cue from our gently odd resources, and asks you to write a poem based on an image from a dream. We don’t always remember our dreams, but images or ideas from them often stick with us for a very long time. I definitely have some nightmares I haven’t been able to forget, but I’ve also witnessed very lovely things in dreams (like snow falling on a flood-lit field bordered by fir trees, as seen through a plate glass window in a very warm and inviting kitchen). Need an example of a poem rooted in dream-based imagery? Try this one by Michael Collier.

Good morning readers and welcome to day four of NaPoWriMo. First thing’s first – Happy 19th birthday, Gretchen! Today’s prompt seems rather apropos as Gretchen told me about the strange dream she had at dinner last night. Of course I reminded her what time of year it was; anything you tell mom in April is fair game to be used as poetry inspiration. Then I see write a dream-based poem. May be the fastest turn around from discussion to poem I’ve had. Gretchen said she didn’t care as she knew tomorrow’s poem would be about her anyway. She sooooo enjoys having a birthday in April – not.

Dinner discussion
Mom front and center in dream

Apparently Gretchen and I were in the middle of a busy street with one of our cats, Chase, and we were supposed to be some kind of undercover agents. Gretchen said it was a miracle I didn’t blow our cover because I kept calling out Jennifer Lawrence. I said, I’m shocked I even recognized Jennifer Lawrence, because knowing me if I just ran into a celebrity on the street I would have no clue. Then I was told she was actually dressed as Mystique which I found even funnier, because I’m sure I would recognize an X-men easier than an actor; and why was I calling her by her real name if she looked like Mystique? Gretchen had no idea she was just trying to get me not to blow our cover and it sounded like I wasn’t giving her an easy job.

Well we have a birthday to celebrate somehow in these strange times. If any of you have the opportunity please go over to Gretchen’s Tumblr and wish her Happy Birthday!
Thank you

#NaPoWriMo 2018 Day Fourteen


whistles loudly
teacup slips from fingers
happiness turns to confusion

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Dream dictionaries have been around as long as people have had dreams. Interestingly, if you consult a few of them, they nearly always tend to have totally different things to say about specific objects or symbols. Dreams, unlike words themselves, don’t seem to be nicely definable! At any rate, today’s prompt is to write entries for an imaginary dream dictionary. Pick one (or more) of the following words, and write about what it means to dream of these things

Good Afternoon and welcome to day fourteen of #NaPoWriMo which I hope is not too mundane or prosy for you. This was kinda fun as I’ve never actually looked anything up in a dream dictionary before. It said if you dream of a tea kettle (or teapot) your life is too mundane or you’re taking someone for granted. And of course I went over to the thesaurus to look up mundane. It would have worked for line 5, but I like prosy. Would anyone accuse me of being prosy during #NaPoWriMo; I think that would be a nightmare. So no, dear readers, I’m not taking you for granted.


Sweet dream
mother makes tea
brings little girl comfort
memory fades away too fast


NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 16


Apropos for April


Childhood Dream

At the kitchen table she writes
Several years removed from hometown
Young girl dreamed beneath the starlights
One day she could be well renown

Several years removed from hometown
Housewife prattles poetic verse
One day she could be well renown
Across the world her words traverse

Housewife prattles poetic verse
Inspired by Dear Mr. Henshaw
Across the world her words traverse
Write what you know even when blah

Inspired by Dear Mr. Henshaw
Mother puts down in words her life
Write what you know even when blah
Young girl grew to become housewife

Mother puts down in words her life
At the kitchen table she writes
Young girl grew to become housewife
She still dreams beneath the starlights

NaPoWriMo Prompt – Today, I challenge you to fill out, in no more than five minutes, the following “Almanac Questionnaire,” which solicits concrete details about a specific place (real or imagined). Then write a poem incorporating or based on one or more of your answers. Happy writing!

No more than 5 minutes – I had a hard time with some of the questions. But I have dreamed of being a writer ever since the 3rd grade and I read Dear Mr. Henshaw. Great link to click on, as yesterday Gretchen came into the kitchen and said, You’ll have to say goodbye to me at the door. I replied, Yeah I do that every morning.

But today I’m going to school and not coming back.

Yay! I’ve been trying to achieve this for years.

Mom! I’m wearing a red shirt. The red shirts never come back.

Well yesterday she must have been Scotty because the red shirt did return in the afternoon.

And speaking of prattling in poetic verse, I did say I’d give the pantoum another go sometime in April. Since we are past the halfway point, I thought today was a good day to try.

Peter Pan Envy

This is the first article I wrote that was accepted on ritro.com. Note – At Rachael’s first parent/teacher conference, her kindergarten teacher said for the first two weeks of school your daughter would only answer to Peter Pan. LOL! Mom saw nothing wrong with this. Last night Rachael told me their prom theme this year is Neverland. 😉 It couldn’t be more appropriate.


Rachael Cap & Gown Duke Photography

Have you ever suffered from Peter Pan envy? There are times in our lives when it is a lot easier to say, “I don’t want to grow up”, than it is to face change. Who doesn’t, from time to time, reminisce about their childhood and the adventure your life would take?

It seems as if life is simpler to a child. All one needs is faith, trust, and of course pixie dust and anything is possible. Your wildest dreams can take flight. But as one grows up, faith begins to wobble; trust is hard won; and let’s face it who really believes in fairies? It’s impossible to fly!

Once you stop and think about it, however, Peter Pan envy is a healthy way to deal with change and growing old. I know what you are saying, “What? Is she crazy!” But think back to when you were a child and think about all the dreams you had for when you grew up. Now, what happened to those dreams?

Most of us upon reaching adulthood put our childhood dreams aside. Reality takes a huge bite out of our imagination and as our innocence fades with age so do our dreams. All I’m saying is don’t let this happen, because dreams are what make us who we are. Once we put our childhood dreams aside, our lives become uninspiring. If there is no inspiration to guide us down our path in life, how do we remain equipped to handle all of life’s obstacles?

This May, my daughter will be turning 5 years old. This is a big change in her life. Next year she will be starting kindergarten, or as she puts it, “Big kid’s school”. Luckily she still has the imagination of a child to help her handle this transition. Think back to when you started school; did it make you feel grown up, as if you were leaving childhood behind?

I tell my daughter quite often she needs to stop growing up, and she always laughs. “You can’t stop growing, Mommy. Everyone does” is her reply. Okay, you can’t stop growing unlike Peter Pan. But why is it we believe once we’re grown up we have to give up on our dreams?

Are you thinking about how you felt upon starting school? Now think about the aspirations you had for yourself then. Have you accomplished any of them? If not, maybe it is time you took a lesson from Peter Pan. It is a good way to help conquer your fears. Children believe they can do anything. They don’t have any fear of consequences holding them back.

May is an excellent month to change your life. Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, and all around us the earth is renewing itself. There is no better time then the present to change your life. Remember your childhood dreams and make them a reality. Forget about the consequences and do what your heart tells you. Nothing can hold you back if you believe in yourself.

Think like Peter Pan and fly!