Double Dactyl

Blankety Blankety
Veronica Hosking
Stressing on writing form
Double dactyl

Stretching her lexicon
Finding six syllable
Words to tractile

Hello everyone! Welcome to May. I survived #napowrimo writing more than 30 poems. This month is going to be a busy one for the Hosking family. On Friday May 6th, First Friday, my husband will have a photo on exhibit at the 9 gallery. He dropped it off yesterday and I texted him, I want seafood. He replied, I’ll see what I can do. I sent him a link to the Angry Crab Shack and the address of the Goodyear restaurant, thinking we could go for Mother’s day. A while later I get, What do you want? Seafood market prices it’s not going to be cheap. I know a bag of shrimp set me back $13. You’re there now? I LOVE you. Yes, he brought me home a bag of steamed shrimp and we shared it last night.

On May 12th, Rachael will be graduating from EMCC and then on the 18th, she graduates from AAEC. We have family coming from out of town. I spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning my bedroom. We have the dry wall repaired and Shawn moved the furniture back. He declined Parker and Sons doing the painting with our unique color scheme, they’d have to paint the whole bedroom. Mind you they would take care of moving furniture and such. But Shawn has so many knick knacks and trinkets decorating the room, he doesn’t want others moving everything. In the search of all my star trek books, I cleaned out under the bed. Oy vey, I don’t think Parker and Sons knew what they would have signed up for – dust bunnies were vanquished yesterday though. The company is supplying the paint for Shawn to repaint our bedroom though. Just sent in the color choice yesterday.

May 20th is Rachael’s 18th birthday and freshman orientation at ASU. Then May 28th is her graduations/birthday party at Nonnie’s house. If you don’t see many new posts from me this month, you know why.

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 6


Paul Cezanne painting website

Fruit Basket

Paul Cezanne painting fruit
Basket over flowing
Spills onto cloth

Ekphrastic poetry
Words used to paint picture
Artisan’s troth

Why did I chose to write about a basket of fruit? I combined the napowrimo prompt with today’s Writer’s Digest prompt. I picked Paul Cezanne because I also want to promote the Half New Year anthology published by Silver Birch Press 2014.

NaPoWriMo Prompt – Today, I challenge you to write a poem about food. This could be a poem about a particular food, or about your relationship to food in general. Or it could simply be a poem relating an incident that involves food, like David Ignatow’s “The Bagel”. Still not convinced? Perhaps these thirteen food poems will give you some inspiration. Happy writing!

Double Dactyl Fun

Dickering, Snickering
How Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix
Given nickname Ha-Ha
Cruel Irony

Listen to sportscasters
Call out his plays for all

Article explaining how the nickname beganAs I was watching the heart stopping postseason game between Arizona and Green Bay, I noticed the announcers kept saying Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. I thought, no way is that poor man’s name Ha-Ha with the last name Clinton-Dix. And I thought I was picked on as a kid. Still I give the sportscasters credit; I’d be snickering every time I had to say his name. So yeah, I decided to write a poem for the guy.


Election – Double Dactyl

Hobbity Nobbity
Candidate Fred DuVal
Spoke to constituents
Pander for cash

Rallying support for
Race sprint ahead to win
November dash

Democrat candidate for Arizona governor 2014

Democrat candidate for Arizona governor 2014









Friday night Shawn and I went to a fundraiser for Fred DuVal. Shawn called it, A fun night of politicking. He reminisced about hobnobbing with Brian Higgins back in Buffalo. Yes, once upon a time my hubby had political ambitions. I enjoyed going out on Friday, but I’m glad politicking is not a routine affair.

I was the secretary for the Hamburg Town Council a few months one summer. Shawn isn’t the only one who knows how to work the political machine. Back in the day Kathy Hochul was a council woman and my boss. When I was in Buffalo, I noticed she is running for lieutenant governor under Cuomo. I knew her when.

NaPoWriMo Day One

April Fool’s

Rachael and Gretchen poke
Mornings in no hurry
Wake up for school

Rushing around the house
“Woe is me,” trickery
Mom is no fool


NaPoWriMo Prompt – Our prompts are, as always, optional. If you have your own plans for generating poems, or find prompts elsewhere that suit you better, that’s just fine. Our prompts are there just to help those who are having trouble getting inspired – if you’re full up on inspiration, there’s no need to follow them. With that out of the way, I’ve chosen something I hope will be fun and simple, to ease you into your first day. Today, I’d like you to go to Reb Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle. Clear your mind, push the button, and then write a poem based on the quotation that the oracle provides. Happy writing!

My quote: Forget that, you bozoer of a wineglass, whom Shepherd in the kinglet disputes.

Say what?! April Fool’s!  I read this after a not so fun morning of getting the girls ready for school.  Then I check the prompt for day one of NaPoWriMo.  Wow right out of the gate and I’m the featured participant. 😀 Thanks, Maureen!  The name should be Veronica though.  Where is that wineglass? Anyone?