AzMerit Score

For months they’ve been telling us to be prepared for bad test scores on the first common core tests students took here in Arizona last spring. Okay so I won’t be disappointed if my girls’ scores are within the average for the test. Well today Gretchen’s results finally arrived.


Highly proficient in English

Switch to common core
AzMerit test scores came
Jaw dropping, great grade


Proficient in math


Yes, this mother is having a #proudparent moment especially on the English score: two +s (reading for information & reading for literature) and a check mark (at grade level) on the writing portion. Way to Go, Gretchen! Now if I could see Rachael’s scores…


NaPoWriMo Day 13


Answer me this
Intelligence no longer
Measured by taking this
Standardized test

AIMS Report

AIMS Report

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now for our prompt (as always, it’s optional!). In keeping with the mysterious quality of the number 13, today I challenge you to write a riddle poem. This poem should describe something without ever naming it. Perhaps each line could be a different metaphor for the same object? Maybe the title of the poem can be the “answer” to the riddle. The result could be a bit like our Day One poems of negation, but the lines don’t need to be expressed in negatives.

And here is a riddle for you, as many other states are doing, Arizona is transitioning to common core. This week is the first time students will be taking the new AzMerit tests. Rachael, a junior in high school, apparently has to take the freshmen – junior tests. She will be testing for four hours straight for three days. Today Gretchen starts out with the writing exam. She asked me if I thought it would be an essay. I told her if it is write a riddle asking what is an essay. 😉