Phoenix ComiCon Here We Come!

Back in 2010, we went to our first ComiCon in Phoenix.  Once upon a time, Mom was infatuated with a certain actor. And because both my girls were under 13, they got into the Con for free.  I love having geek children.  We went again the following year.  But then in 2012, we couldn’t go.  Both girls were moving up; the oldest graduated 8th grade; the youngest 5th; and their cousin graduated high school.  We had family in town the weekend of the Con.  Last year we were out of town celebrating a family wedding.  My youngest was disappointed because a certain actor she is infatuated with was going to be there.

This year we have nothing going on at the start of the summer.  We can finally go again! 😀Image


to attend
Phoenix ComiCon
Two years too long without geek


I’m sure everyone remembers my NaPoWriMo Day Seven Post.  I have a great hubby.  He bought me the Riker toy near the beginning of April to inspire me.  And the actor my Little One wants to see, John Barrowman, luckily he’ll be there again this year.



My Little One with Captain Jack Sparrow.  Hopefully she’ll get to see her other favorite Captain Jack next month.  And whoever wore this costume, thank you very much for posing with my daughter.  It made her day even though she’s dressed as a Jedi. 😉