#NaPoWriMo Day Seven


Poet vs Housewife


wars between writing verse or cleaning house.

Poet crafting lines, meter and rhyme tops her list while housework falls short

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now for our (optional) prompt. In our interview, Kyle Dargan suggests writing out a list of all of your different layers of identity. For example, you might be a wife, a grandmother, a Philadelphian, a dental assistant, a rabid Phillies fan, a seamstress, retiree, agnostic, cancer survivor, etc.. These are all ways you could be described or lenses you could be viewed through. Now divide all of those things into lists of what makes you feel powerful and what makes you feel vulnerable. Now write a poem in which one of the identities from the first list contends or talks with an identity from the second list. This might turn out to be kind of a “heavy” exercise, emotionally, but I hope you will find the results enlightening.

Good morning and welcome to day seven of #NaPoWriMo. I had a small problem with my list of identities; I couldn’t really divide them. Am I the only one who waivers from feeling powerful to feeling vulnerable? The two identities I picked – poet and housewife, depending on the day each can make me feel great but then each can make me feel overwhelmed. Also I’ve written poems on my different identities before so for today I decided to experiment with a one-bun. I read my first one-bun yesterday over at Ken’s blog. He explains it – One-bun, a form created by Jim Kacian, is a short-form haibun with one line of prose (including title) and a (one-line) haiku.

When I think one line haiku I think American sentence especially since I write poetry in English. I’m not sure the one-bun form really works with this prompt, but I couldn’t quite create a “pep talk” between my identities since they don’t really separate into two distinct groups. The two identities should be fleshed out more than what is possible in this form. I’ll see if anything more develops through the day. Monday I start my remote reading assignment, so daily posts may have to wait for afternoons here. But I worked and wrote thirty poems last year; I think it’ll be fine this year, too.




CC BY-SA 3.0, Link Wikipedia

Nasturtium leaves
add some zing to salad greens
with hint of radish

NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 5 – In honor of Mary Oliver’s work, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that is based in the natural world: it could be about a particular plant, animal, or a particular landscape. But it should be about a slice of the natural world that you have personally experienced and optimally, one that you have experienced often. Try to incorporate specific details while also stating why you find the chosen place or plant/animal meaningful.

Here we are on day five of NaPoWriMo. On the first day I told you Rachael is taking an outdoor eduction course at ASU. She is also taking a garden class. She learned about the nasturtium flower and told us how it tasted like radishes. Well Mom wanted a taste and she brought home a couple leaves last week. Whew! They definitely have a kick.

Meanwhile Gretchen is not feeling well and stayed home from school today. Poor girl has slept the morning away. I need to get set up to work, the new adventure I told you about the last day of March. It is online so I am able to work from the comfort of home. Great gig for someone who can’t drive. I need to check on Gretchen to see if she needs anything before my work day begins.

If the little American sentence was not enough poetry to satisfy your nature needs, here is one I wrote on Desert Spring Silver Birch Press published a couple years ago. Enjoy the rest of First Contact day.

A Long Time Ago…

My niece and nephew

My niece and nephew

In a galaxy…
er…um…Buffalo, NY
nineteen years ago

There they are adorable two-year-olds all dressed up for their Aunt and Uncle’s wedding. Wonder what happens in nineteen years?

My niece and nephew September 6, 2015

My niece and nephew September 6, 2015

Wonders why he is
still single when he wears an
I pee in pools shirt

Ha-ha the #haikuchallenge word today is single. In case my nephew hasn’t figured things out on his own. 😉 This photo was perfect for a haiku this morning.

Yesterday we had a nice picnic at Nonnie’s house. Caitlin and Mack met again after almost 19 years. We also saw my cousin and uncle for a little while. And we had Sahlen’s hotdogs. Nothing like bribing your nephew to drive up from Fort Bliss with some good ole Buffalo, NY hotdogs. He’s heading back to El Paso this morning. He has a dozen hotdogs with him, hoping it’s enough for one cookout back there.