Gearing up for November Chapbook Contest

I’ve been quiet this past month. The last poem I spent any amount of time on was my anniversary limerick.  Over at Writer’s Digest, Robert Lee Brewer posted the last Wednesday Poetry prompt until December, because Saturday is already November 1st! Throughout November Brewer will be posting daily prompts for a chapbook contest.  One of my goals this year was to compile a chapbook.  I worked on one in the summer.  It didn’t get any bites.  I am going to give November an effort.  Today’s prompt was emerge.  On twitter the #haikuchallenge word today is unleash and with Halloween two days away –

Every Halloween
Parents unleash their children
Candy fiends emerge

Then I decided to try to work on an acrostic.

Every Halloween
Monsters and goblins roam streets
Entreating neighbors
Ring doorbells before
Grabbing candy happy to
Exclaim, Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

Pei Wei – Poetic Review WESat

Pei Wei

Perfect additions
Egg rolls – pork, cabbage, mushrooms
In crispy wrapper

Whet your appetite
Exotic flavors pervade
Intriguing palate

WESat – Write a review about a meal. I think most people can figure out the restaurant I wrote about. Now I want Chinese food even though we just ate there last weekend. I love the fact I am able to walk to my favorite restaurant.

Pen and Paper – Acrostic Haiku

Paperback novels
Engrossed in ink on paper
Nothing to download

I keep a poetry journal. I enjoy the process of writing things out longhand before typing them. The #haikuchallenge on twitter today was to use the word download. Over the weekend I’ve been busy reading actual paperbacks. I like holding a pen in my hand to write and actual paper to read. As I wrote the haiku I read down and noticed I spelled out pen. Happy accident.

Mom – Senryu

Mom would exclaim when
Ornery child chafed at bit
Must hold your horses
Mom charm

The Wednesday poetry prompt at Writer’s Digest was to write a poem, Hold _ . The first thing that came into my head, Hold your horses.  My mom would tell us this when we were antsy.  Much like when she would tell us we would live ’til we’re twice married whenever we were distraught about something. I used the twice married line for the first assignment of my MOOC in July.

The mom charm was given to me by Rachael.  One of her classmates sold charms as a fundraiser for her trip to Chile.  The pieces inside are Shawn, Gretchen, Rachael and my birthstones.

Sonic Association – Exercise 10


Sit and chop
Utter – POP
Novel idea
Dice up potato

How Writers Write Poetry posted the video for lesson 10 – Sonic Association. The assignment was to write a poem off a word list. Larissa Szporluk gives her undergraduate class the word ventriloquist to work from. She read a few of the poems her students turn in. They all had their own unique flavor. We could generate a word list from the same word or use rhyming word pairs Carol Light discussed at the start of the video. Since it was a lesson on sound and I love onomatopoeia, I decided to generate my word list from it.

Onomatopoeia to write sound poetry what a great idea.

Oh wow! There’s a rhyming pair already. As I’m still trying to find my footing after my vacation, I decided to make an acrostic poem – Sound. Yesterday I had to deal with a plumber to change the cartridge in my shower. When I got home Thursday I noticed the constant drip. Don’t know how my hubby didn’t hear it. But that sound annoyed me till Sunday when my hubby took off the shower handle to change the cartridge only to find our hard water foiled the cheap fix and we had to call a plumber.

Needless to say I got a couple good tweetkus out of it for the haiku challenge words on twitter.

Buffalo journey
Shower constant drip counts days
One man left alone

Money poured down drain
Finally peace of mind comes
Plumber fixes drip

Fortunately despite the fact hubby torqued the pipes somewhat trying to remove the cartridge Sunday, the plumber was able to get it out, replace it and put the fixture back on (slightly skewed) instead of having to go through the wall to replace the whole fixture assembly. Then this morning, I was hit with a couple new snafus. My mind is all diced up at the moment and not exactly concentrating well on poetry. I’m hoping everything is straightened out now because Gretchen’s open house is Thursday; school for her starts Monday and Rachael starts on Wednesday. I need to start concentrating on back to school supplies and getting back on school routine. I may never go on vacation without my hubby again. 😉

Flat Stanley’s Stay in Arizona

Over Memorial Day weekend we played host to Flat Stanley.  You know my husband is sooo infatuated with his car, he said we had to drive Stanley around in it.  Well how does one explain a paper character driving in a 280Z?  Since Avondale, AZ is the home of the PIR, I figured Stanley needed to be seen at the raceway in style.



Flat Stanley arrives safe in Arizona.



Making sure Flat Stanley remains safe securely buckled in for his car ride.



Flat Stanley posing in front of Estrella Mountain.



He made it safely to pose in front of PIR.



Stanley enjoyed a much slower ride on the back of a tortoise as well.



Sight seeing
Nice time
Learning about
Estrella mountain and
Yucca trees

Car – Acrostic Haiku


Caress clutch and gas
Accelerate down driveway
Road quickens your pulse



It’s been three weeks since I’ve written any poetry.  I decided it was time to get off my lazy butt and write again.  The Wednesday Poetry Prompt at Writer’s Digest was to write about an object.  I realized car was three letters to make it an acrostic, it would have three lines so I decided to write a haiku acrostic about my hubby’s new toy – 1978 Datsun 280Z.  He bought a manual even though he never learned to drive a standard transmission. What am I going to do with that man?

He is teaching himself how to drive his new toy.  In the meantime, a certain 16 year old young lady needs to get a permit.  I just said goodbye to my hubby; he is off to work.  He is taking the 280Z.  I asked him if he was seriously going to take it on the highway.  He said, You have to start at some point.  I replied, O boy! I hope he knows what he is doing.

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-eight Fit to Diaper


Cool Arizona breeze brush rumps
Hanging out for good cause
About seventy baby bums exposed
Numbers raise awareness
Great Cloth Diaper Change
Eco-friendly world record to break

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now our (optional) prompt. Today I challenge you to find a news article, and to write a poem using (mostly, if not only) words from the article! You can repeat them, splice them, and rearrange them however you like. Although the vocabulary may be “just the facts,” your poem doesn’t have to be — it doesn’t even have to be about the subject of the news article itself. Happy writing!

West Valley View – this is the article I gleaned my poem from.  Online you can’t read the whole story.  Saturday families came out to participate in a cloth diaper change to break the guinness world record for the amount of cloth diapers changed at same time.  And to show cloth diapers are friendlier to the environment.  We will have to wait and see if the record was broken.


NaPoWriMo 2014 – Onto Success Acrostics


Now that April is upon us
All pens are posed
Poets begin to obsess
Over every word composed

Whether we shall reach the finish
Rhyming verses all the way
Is a challenge not to diminish
Make the most of today

Onto Success!


April 1, 2012 – Tomorrow is the start of another NaPoWriMo.  A couple years ago, I opened NaPoWriMo with an acrostic. Then I closed with another acrostic at the end of the month.



Reminiscing over the past thirty days
Evokes pleasure in accomplishing a few
Memorable poems I hope will amaze
Each piece I have written may not hold up to
Measure and meter in true poetic form
But I had fun creating new verse to share
Expressing myself while trying to conform
Rhyming through April an ambitious affair


April 30, 2012 Here’s to a successful NaPoWriMo 2014! Happy Writing!

Weekly Acrostic

Once again High Calibre Poetry chose my acrostic as the WEEKLY winner. Thank you so much! This was the only poem I worked on the past week. One would think with the girls back in school, I would have been more productive on the poetry front. I kept telling myself the housework had to be on the front burner. In a little over a week, I’ll be waist deep in napowrimo.


Whittling away the hours

Every week High Calibre

Entreats poets to write

Keen verse, challenging

Linguists to sharpen skills

Yielding an expanded lexicon