Countdown – Last Day of School

April is in the rearview mirror now. I was quite pleased I only missed two days with everything I had to deal with last month that was an achievement. Plus I wrote more than 30 poems since I did write more than one poem on a few days. Shawn has been taking a lot of time off to deal with family issues. Unfortunately this meant he could not make Gretchen’s final concert for middle school. The great thing about Nonnie living in town; she came over after work and took us. It was a lot of fun.

The #haikuchallenge word today is roar. The choir did sing Katy Perry’s RoarĀ but I did not get video of it. The theme for the spring concert this year was music through time. They started with Gregorian chant and worked up to modern day music. Here is a clip where they got the audience roaring.

Final spring concert
Eighth grade champs go out with roar
Don’t Stop Believin’

No worries they stopped and reset, singing it well on the second go round. And the last song the 8th graders sang as part of the Jaguar choir –

Thanks, Mr. Moore!