#NaPoWriMo Early Bird Prompt

Shawn and I recreate “The Kiss”

Couple recreates
Painting hanging in bedroom

NaPoWriMo Early Bird PromptToday, we’d like to challenge you to spend a few minutes looking for a piece of art that interests you in the online galleries of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Perhaps a floral collar from the tomb of Tutankhamen? Or a Tibetan cavalryman’s suit of armor? Or a gold-and-porcelain flute? After you’ve selected your piece, study the photographs and the accompanying text. And then – write a poem! Maybe about who you imagine making the piece, or using it. Or how it wound up in the museum? Or even the life of the person who wrote the text about the piece – perhaps the Met has a windowless basement full of graduate students churning out artwork descriptions – who knows?

Good morning and welcome to the early NaPoWriMo Prompt. I did not pick a piece from the Met website though Maureen speaking of art work reminded me of the #gettymuseumchallenge everyone did in the early days of the pandemic and since Shawn has The Kiss by Gustav Klimt in our bedroom; I thought it would be the perfect piece for us to recreate. I also noted I posted the work without a poem back in May. So this has been rectified. And as my readers know, I prefer short poetry forms this is an oddquain a variant of the cinquain with an odd syllable count instead of even. Here is the #haikuchallenge I wrote today about it too. Note – at a count of 17 syllables an oddquain is very close to haiku.

Early pandemic
No one wants to be lazy
Recreate The Kiss


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