Poetry is Fun

Poor Gretchen is forced to take a poetry course this semester, and she thinks her mother is a pain during #NaPoWriMo – ha! this year she’ll be buried with poetry too. Her first poem was due yesterday and she lacked inspiration. I don’t think she found my form of inspiration inspiring.

There once was a lady named Gretchen
Who earned a living as a dolmetschen
She spoke German fair
And knew Fräulein from Herr
But could find no translation for Frettchen

At least my child wrote free verse and did not have to worry about creating any forced rhymes. But it’s been a few years since I wrote a limerick and they’re always fun to experiment with even when they aren’t that good.

Gretchen and me 1st day spring break

Since ASU canceled spring break this year, I grabbed an old photo of Gretchen and me.


One thought on “Poetry is Fun

  1. I thought that your Limerick was nifty.
    You should write 40 more…maybe 50.
    I know that’s absurd
    so don’t take my word…
    everyone tells me I’m shifty.

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