Proud Mom Boast

Robin informed me back in the fall he ordered t-shirts for his dad and me because he needed size info. I think he was expecting them to come before winter break so we could get them as Christmas gifts. Well that didn’t happen. When the shirts did get delivered, I told him he better make his way to a post office because mom isn’t about to wait until June to wear her shirt.

The t-shirts arrived in yesterday’s mail and I had to take a selfie to share and of course the first thing Robin said was, You’re wearing the wrong shirt. Back in 2016 when Robin started at ASU, he bought his dad and me coffee mugs and one morning as I was loading the dishwasher, I couldn’t find my mom mug which was strange because I was drinking out of it that morning. I texted Shawn to see if he brought a mug to work. Sure enough he did. Then I texted him to see what the mug said. Apparently he showed the mug to a coworker proud of the gift he was given and his coworker laughed, I see your kid has a sense of humor. I guess Shawn shrugged it off and didn’t realize he was showing off the ASU Mom mug until I texted him to look at the mug. So obviously I’m wearing the wrong OSU shirt. Although Dad was a little disappointed when he saw his shirt yesterday because the lettering for the men’s shirt is different than the women’s shirt (it’s smaller for some reason). Shawn looked at his and back at mine and frowned. Yes, the lettering is different. No, I don’t know why.

Study and work hard
Expect mom to advertise
Not a real doctor

And yes I had to have fun with another inside joke. I mean we all know only MDs are real doctors. 😉


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