ASU Class of 2020


We interrupt the regularly scheduled napowrimo to present the distinguished graduate from the ASU class of 2020 college of liberal arts and sciences. 😀

Dr. Moeur has been honored since 1901 by the now Arizona State University via the Moeur Award. The Moeur Award is given to the student or students with the highest academic standing in terms of GPA, and is thus also considered the equivalent to a Valedictorian Award (which is not directly offered by Arizona State). Wikipedia 

Attend ASU
Crush all four years with top grades
Earn Moeur Award

Smart aleck child thinks he can better his mother earning summa cum laude distinction. I was so excited to see he earned the Moeur Award but Robin feels as though he didn’t do anything. Not many students can boast graduating in four years maintaining a 4.0 GPA, kid! So yeah proud mom moment boasting her kid’s academic achievement. Next stop Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University!


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